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behavioral traits of a relentless learner

What Are the Behavioral Traits of a Relentless Learner? Why You Want to Hire the Executive Who Is Always Learning

By MaxHansen | March 22, 2022

Humans are always learning. New technology. A new passcode. Someone’s name. Some random historical facts. When it comes to the workplace, 54% of people believe that continuous learning is essential to their career development. But not everyone is a relentless learner. This type of learning doesn’t happen by accident. Nor is it by mandate of…

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Business Strategist & Marketing Leader, Annie Davis

By MaxHansen | March 16, 2022

  Annie Davis is a business strategist and marketing leader with nearly 20 years of experience building lasting teams and brands for companies spanning consumer packaged goods, renewable energy, natural products and cannabis.  In 2018, she transitioned her career into the legal cannabis industry, where she’s led Marketing functions for several of California’s largest operators:…

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interview rounds

How Many Interview Rounds? It Depends on the Executive You Need

By Yscouts | March 9, 2022

When you’re looking for your next executive hire, the interview process and its countless rounds of interviews can seem overwhelming. How can you ensure that you’re getting everything you need from an interview? It’s easy for the process to become redundant and tiring, both for the candidates and for those conducting the interview. You can…

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conscious capitalism

Why More Companies Are Embracing Conscious Capitalism

By MaxHansen | March 9, 2022

Can companies make money and improve the communities around them at the same time? According to the theory of conscious capitalism, it’s not only possible, it’s the right thing to do. In today’s business environment, conscious capitalism underscores the idea that companies can be profitable while making a deliberate effort to give back more than…

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Wana Brands CEO, Nancy Whiteman

By MaxHansen | March 2, 2022

Heralded as “The Queen of Legal Weed” by Inc. (May 2017) and “The Martha Stewart of Edibles” by Entrepreneur (Jan. 2019), Nancy Whiteman is co-founder and CEO of Wana Brands, a top international brand already available in more than 3,000 dispensaries across the United States and Canada. Nancy leads the company’s strategic vision and has…

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What Is a B Corp? Why Certified B Corporations Are the Future

By MaxHansen | February 23, 2022

Today’s companies are paying close attention to the things that really matter. That’s why more executives than ever are asking the question: What is a B corp? Sure, every company wants to make a profit, even the nonprofit companies. But many leaders realize that true sustainability has to do with the actions they take now…

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effective leadership

Five Essential Tips for Effective Leadership Interviews

By MaxHansen | February 16, 2022

Every company in the world is looking for effective leadership skills in their executive hires. But what does that mean, really? It’s hard enough to define the perfect set of leadership capabilities, let alone find them all in one person. And now, with a large part of the hiring process conducted online, finding the right…

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C3 Industries Co-founder, President, & CFO, Vishal Rungta

By MaxHansen | February 10, 2022

Vishal Rungta is Co-founder, President and Chief Financial Officer of C3 Industries Inc. To date, Vishal has overseen approximately $100 million in capital investment for C3, leveraging his expansive network of business professionals in addition to his expertise in business strategy, capital structure and risk management. Vishal also co-founded and now serves on the board…

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virtual onboarding

How to Turn Virtual Onboarding Challenges into Opportunities

By MaxHansen | February 9, 2022

An employee’s earliest experiences with the company can pave the way to future successes. These experiences include virtual onboarding. Remote working environments complicate every aspect of the hiring experience. But the hiring process doesn’t end with the job offer. Now is the time to introduce new hires to the company, their team members and help…

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Headset Director of Industry Relations, Jocelyn Sheltraw

By MaxHansen | January 31, 2022

Jocelyn Sheltraw is the Director of Industry Relations at Headset, responsible for internal and external strategies to build Headset’s brand awareness, community development, and market expansion across North America.  Jocelyn is a vocal cannabis advocate and industry thought leader, involved in various cannabis associations, committees, social equity programs, as well as regular speaker at various…

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