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Leaders of the media, marketing, and communications industries must be able to create and execute customer outreach strategies by using new technologies to meet the needs of an evolved global market.

Y Scouts has serviced a wide range of companies operating within these industries and has filled many of their long-standing leadership roles by matching them with candidates who see their overall vision and have a proven track record of success and innovation.

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The Y Scouts Approach

We have developed an 8 step proven method that gets to the heart of who you are as an organization and aligns you with executive leaders who have proven success with driving results, are committed to learning relentlessly, and continuously develop others.

Over the last decade, these purpose-driven steps have filled hundreds of executive positions that are still occupied and still driving results for our clients.

1. Fanatical Approach + Radical Realignment

With 63+% of employees worldwide not engaged, it is critical both the business’ purpose and the energy of the team align— that’s when the true impact is achievable.

2. Organizational DNA Assessment

We dig deep to understand your cultural DNA — to ensure your future leader not only delivers success in the role but aligns with your purpose and values — and strengthens your culture.

3. Role Visioning Exercise

A multi-stakeholder approach to arriving at the right set of success outcomes.

4. Opportunity Profile

We draw leaders into the WHY of your opportunity. It includes the ideal candidate profile, expected impact the right leader will deliver, while not sharing the requisite experiences the ideal candidate should bring to the table. Why give the 'answers to the test' away?

5. Search Strategy & Timeline

Guides our covert approach into the right channels where the right leader currently exists.

6. Interview Guide

Every successful leadership hire requires a well-architected interview plan.

7. Search Update

You will always know where we are in the process - transparency is critical to success.

8. Finalist Presentation

Every Finalist we deliver has met our radical alignment process and will be worth the investment of your time.

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