COO Executive Search - Recruiting Top Operations Executives

A company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) contributes to the daily success of the business. Without an effective COO, companies struggle to find their way forward. 

Your organization may have big goals and great people, but what happens when you don’t have that detail-oriented leader who can make sure that the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of a company are met? We all know that without this kind of leadership, things can get bad – fast. 

Effective COO manages various company departments to ensure operational synergy and alignment.

Having a vacant COO position is detrimental to the company. Having a bad COO? That’s even worse. 

The task of finding the perfect COO is not an easy one. You need someone to offer the kind of leadership and direction that will ensure that you meet all of your strategic goals and objectives. But how do you find this person? How do you know that they are truly a good match for your company's culture and values?  

Choosing a top-tier executive search firm can eliminate the stress that comes with finding this person. Instead, you can keep running your business, and Y Scouts can take on the hard work of recruiting an ideal candidate. 

Y Scouts is an industry leader in the executive search sector. We have a passion for recruiting C-suite leaders for mid-sized and large companies who deeply care about their mission, values, and purpose. We go beyond searching for someone who checks boxes off a generic list. We believe in purpose-based recruiting and our tried-and-tested method of finding exceptional leaders for our clients. 

Connect with us today to find out how we can help you find a COO who will provide meaningful leadership for years to come! 

What is the role of a COO? 

The COO of a company is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization. 

The role includes these important responsibilities. 

  • Operations Management: Oversees multiple departments throughout the company to make sure that operational processes are well aligned; performs optimization checks and constant assessment measures
  • Strategy Execution: Executes the executive team’s strategic vision and direction
  • Performance Monitoring: Assesses bottlenecks, identifies areas for improvement, implements corrective measures, analyzes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other metrics
  • Resource Allocation: Contributes to the company’s resource management, including budgeting, human resources, equipment, and other operational activities
  • Leadership and Talent Management: Works with other C-suite executives to develop leaders, recruit new talent, and design succession plans; may oversee recruitment, training, and development of other operational leaders in the company, such as management
  • Creating Bridges: Serves as a bridge between departments, improving collaboration and cooperation
Y Scouts aids companies in identifying candidates who are an outstanding match for their needs.

Trust the executive search professionals at Y Scouts to find your next operational leader

At Y Scouts, we have uniquely positioned ourselves as the original purpose-based executive search firm. We are passionate about helping companies like yours find candidates that are an exceptional match. 

Our boutique approach to purpose-based leadership searching

Our firm is small but mighty! We offer boutique services for medium and large-sized businesses, offering candidates who align with your company’s vision, values, and culture. 

By identifying candidates whose life purpose aligns with the position, we introduce you to executives who do much more than check boxes off a list. We find people who meet both the hard skills and soft skills requirements for your open COO position. 

The 3 Unique Offerings of Y Scouts  

We are proud of creating three unique approaches to the executive search marketplace. Y Scouts stands out from the competition because we have built our reputation on outstanding service across all three of these unique areas. 

Role Visioning & Success Outcome

Our proprietary Role Visioning & Success Outcome process helps us to understand exactly what you need in a candidate. Through a series of surveys, interviews, and assessments, we come to understand the vacant role as well as you do! 

This process includes: 

  • Simplifying your definition of success for this open role. What are the three most important success outcomes that your new COO needs to achieve in the next 12-18 months? 
  • Understanding your company’s DNA. What makes your company culture truly unique? How does your new COO need to fit into the company? 
  • Conducting a DNA assessment of your company by cross-sectioning your team and meeting with multiple leaders. 

Covert Discovery Process

We approach recruitment differently than anyone else. 

First of all, our executive search process is entirely outbound. Instead of posting job listings, we target the individuals we believe have the potential to fit into your company's DNA and meet those success outcomes. 

We do this through our covert discovery process, which allows us to discover what matters most to your potential COO. That includes their professional goals and personal values. Through an informal 30-minute interview with the candidate, we find out what is important to them, before we ever tell them about the position or your company.

Leadership Model for Hiring on Purpose

Our distinctive Leadership Model for Hiring on Purpose was developed in collaboration with Dr. Robert Cooper, a renowned neuroscientist. 

This approach was designed after studying some of the world’s most accomplished and respected leaders. Understanding what qualities they share helps us to pinpoint exactly what your COO needs to be able to do as a leader.

You can learn more about this approach in our book, Hiring on Purpose.

Y Scouts provides clients with a tool that grants them transparent access to the COO search process.

Y Scouts Client ATS Portal

Unlike most executive search firms, Y Scouts gives you access to the ATS (applicant tracking system) for your search so that you have complete access and total transparency into all the activities related to your search. This is completely private to you and your team, and it ensures that you are never left in limbo with the status of your search. From seeing which candidates have been entered into the pipeline, what part of the process they are in, and all of our notes along the way, it allows our clients to feel completely engrained into the entire search process.

Connect with Y Scouts

Our purpose-driven recruitment model enables us to connect with an extensive network of candidates that would otherwise be inaccessible to you and your company. And we are solely dedicated to the recruitment of all C-Suite executive searches, including:

  • COOs
  • CEOs
  • CMOs
  • CFOs
  • CTOs
  • CROs
  • and more

Also, depending on the company and situation, we specialize in high-level VP placements as well.

You deserve white-glove services throughout the recruitment process. Y Scouts provides innovation, transparency, and exceptional service. Your new COO is just waiting for us to find them! 

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