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At Y Scouts, we believe the search for a manufacturing and industrial executive begins with the question of why. While most executive search firms rank candidates based on a good-looking resume, we go much deeper than that. The perfect match for your organization isn’t solely based on experience, certifications, and university degrees.

What is the ‘Why’ in Your Company?

Successful organizations understand the importance of why they exist and what their goals and vision are. Shaping an organization’s culture is vital to ensuring it prospers and remains true to its mission. Your executives create your company’s culture, so onboarding the perfect top-tier candidates must be done with this in mind.

Manufacturing and industrial executive search firm pairs leaders with fitting company culture and goals for success.

Our mission is to connect manufacturing and industrial executives whose goals perfectly align with your company’s culture and vision. While many executive candidates may have the business credentials and experience required, not all of them will be the piece of the puzzle that unlocks why your company exists. Hiring a highly motivated candidate with a track record of success who understands your organization and what it stands for is a winning combination.

At Y Scouts, our team of manufacturing and industrial executive recruiters knows that understanding your company’s mission and culture is crucial to locating the perfect match. Our team takes the time to learn and understand what makes your company tick. Only with a deep understanding of your organization’s culture can we introduce you to your next top-level executive.

We will introduce you to leaders who possess the required business understanding and have a sense of purpose that perfectly aligns with your company’s mission and expectations. At Y Scouts, we go far beyond merely checking off experience and academic requirements.

Y Scouts starts by understanding a company's "why" and concludes with identifying the perfect candidate match.

Max Hansen and the Y Scouts Search Process

Max Hansen, founder and CEO of Y Scouts, has long been driven to “create something out of nothing.” Max understands that a client’s motivations must be clearly understood before the search for an executive begins.

Max and our team of Executive Search Directors fully comprehend the ins and outs and nuances of vital leadership roles in the manufacturing and industrial industries. With each search for the best candidates, we tailor our search with a complete understanding of our clients’ unique needs. We customize our search with a deep understanding of the complexities of the manufacturing and industrial world.

Our search process always begins with your company's mission, vision, values, and purpose, and ends with why we believe a candidate is the perfect fit for your leadership position. Locating executives with the necessary experience is easy, but finding the right candidate with the perfect fit for your company’s culture and values can be time-consuming. Your time is valuable and can be better spent than searching for the right fit.

For a recruiting solution that saves you time, Y Scouts is here to help. We are executive recruiting experts who respect your time and understand the exact process to find someone who is highly aligned with your culture as well as key competencies.

Y Scouts: Specializing in Leadership Recruitment Across North America

No matter your need, we are here to help. As leaders in executive recruitment across North America, our proven method of recruiting top-tier management goes beyond merely flipping through resumes and ticking off requirements. With our vast network of professionals, we ensure that our candidates are highly qualified and fit into your company’s culture. As always, we believe that why is more important than who.

Y Scouts can help you fill the following executive positions within the manufacturing and industrial industries:

Y Scouts chooses candidates for their quality and seamless cultural fit.

What Is the Y Scouts Approach?

Y Scouts approaches executive recruitment differently than other recruitment firms. While others may value quantity by rounding up a bunch of job-hungry candidates who may or may not fit with an organization’s values and culture, we go about the search in a much different way. We value quality over quantity while ensuring prospective candidates are a perfect match due to their unique views on teamwork and fitting into an organization’s culture.

Our approach to finding the perfect candidate who aligns with your company’s mission and culture saves you time and money.

  • Understanding Client Needs: We first thoroughly evaluate the client's organization, culture, values, and strategic goals. Then, through close collaboration, we pinpoint their hiring requirements and the leadership qualities they seek.

  • Leadership Alignment Assessment: We begin by meticulously evaluating the client's leadership requirements, focusing on aligning talent with the organization’s unique culture and values. Our primary goal is to identify candidates with the required skills and experience to integrate effortlessly into the client's culture and vision.

  • Executive Search Process: Y Scouts uses a unique blend of research, networking, and candidate evaluation methods to find top leadership talent. Leveraging our vast network and industry know-how, we consistently identify candidates who align with your company’s mission, goals, and culture.

  • Values-Based Screening: Unlike other recruiting firms, we use a values-based screening approach to assess how well candidates align with the client's organizational culture and values. This evaluation values leadership style, communication skills, and cultural fit while ensuring the necessary business qualifications.

  • Transparent Communication - Throughout the entire recruitment process, Y Scouts ensures open and clear communication with the client and candidates, keeping everyone informed. We provide regular updates on the search’s progress and facilitate seamless and transparent communication between everyone involved.

  • Candidate Presentation: Y Scouts provides a curated list of qualified candidates with detailed profiles highlighting their qualifications, experience, and cultural fit. We also include a video snippet from our in-depth interview so clients can see first-hand how candidates present themselves. We manage the interview process and support both clients and candidates throughout.

  • Selection and Onboarding Support: Y Scouts assists clients in the final candidate selection and offers support throughout onboarding, which can sometimes be time-consuming for organizations.

At Y Scouts, we focus on finding top-level management candidates who not only have the right business skills and leadership qualities but also fit seamlessly with your company culture. We believe that a unified leadership team with a shared vision is crucial to a strong organization.

Your success is our success. We aim to build lasting executive teams that will drive your organization forward. Whether you are a startup or an established company, we are excited to help you find the top-tier executives you need.

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When to Hire an Executive Search Firm

The Y Scouts Approach

We have developed an 8 step proven method that gets to the heart of who you are as an organization and aligns you with executive leaders who have proven success with driving results, are committed to learning relentlessly, and continuously develop others.

Over the last decade, these purpose-driven steps have filled hundreds of executive positions that are still occupied and still driving results for our clients.

1. Fanatical Approach + Radical Realignment

With 63+% of employees worldwide not engaged, it is critical both the business’ purpose and the energy of the team align— that’s when the true impact is achievable.

2. Organizational DNA Assessment

We dig deep to understand your cultural DNA — to ensure your future leader not only delivers success in the role but aligns with your purpose and values — and strengthens your culture.

3. Role Visioning Exercise

A multi-stakeholder approach to arriving at the right set of success outcomes.

4. Opportunity Profile

We draw leaders into the WHY of your opportunity. It includes the ideal candidate profile, expected impact the right leader will deliver, while not sharing the requisite experiences the ideal candidate should bring to the table. Why give the 'answers to the test' away?

5. Search Strategy & Timeline

Guides our covert approach into the right channels where the right leader currently exists.

6. Interview Guide

Every successful leadership hire requires a well-architected interview plan.

7. Search Update

You will always know where we are in the process - transparency is critical to success.

8. Finalist Presentation

Every Finalist we deliver has met our radical alignment process and will be worth the investment of your time.

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