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By joining the Y Scouts Leadership Hub, you’ve signaled to our team that you are open to hearing from us if one of our open roles could potentially match your qualifications. This does not guarantee someone will be reaching out. We are a small, but mighty, executive search team that works side by side with our clients to strategically seek out candidates who fit the criteria for open roles.

A factor that differentiates Y Scouts from other executive search firms is one of our key principles: the Y Scouts Covert Discovery Process.  We don’t publicize the clients we’re working with or the roles for which we’re hiring. Intentionally.  We believe in learning about our candidates in a genuine way and allowing them to be fully authentic in who they are and what makes them unique, rather than feeling the pressure of trying to align to a specific role or company.

CEO / President

You may be responsible for implementing a growth strategy, overseeing P&L, and leading and optimizing people. 


You are responsible for financial reporting, assessing risks and opportunities, and setting and tracking financial goals, objectives, and budgets.

Chief People Officer

You develop and execute human resource strategies in support of the overall business plan and strategic direction.


You keep a well-oiled machine by optimizing your company’s operating capabilities and employing the strategies that maximize customer satisfaction.


You are an expert in creating and improving products and services and bringing them to the market, and you have strong analytical and technical skills and understand that the devil is in the details.


You are the expert and champion for a product or service, and you understand market trends and economic factors and create sales or marketing strategies around them.


You are a strategic marketing leader that excels at leading teams, driving growth, captivating audiences, analyzing data, and achieving business goals.


You guessed it – not sure of your perfect fit?
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