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common mistakes when hiring c-suite

Common Mistakes When Hiring C-Suite Roles (and how to avoid them)

By EmoryDay | March 15, 2023

The recruiting market may be competitive in general, but the executive recruiting space is extremely competitive. Here’s what the experts at CFO had to say about the state of the C-suite hiring markets in a recent article: Regardless of age, a majority (61%) of executives said they missed pre-pandemic work styles, with new environments making…

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Optimization & Mental Edge Specialist, Coach Dar

By MaxHansen | March 9, 2023

As a Board-Certified Occupational Therapist, leadership advisor to top CEO’s around the country, mental skills coach to professional athletes, business executive, author and speaker, Coach Dar is passionate about helping people break through barriers to achieve their goals. Her work continues to reach a global audience. As a therapist, executive advisor and mental edge coach,…

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WHY Institute Founder, Dr. Sanchez

By MaxHansen | February 14, 2023

Dr. Sanchez, also known as “Dr. WHY”, is a renowned international speaker, author, dentist, and inventor. He has uncovered the elusive 9 WHY’s and developed the innovative WHY Operating System (WHY.os), founded the highly respected WHY Institute, and crafted a cutting-edge discovery tool that enables individuals to uncover their WHY in just 5 minutes. With…

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yscouts blog common struggles of c-suite leaders

Common Struggles of C-Suite Leaders

By MaxHansen | February 9, 2023

Finding success as a C-Suite leader in today’s ever-evolving business environment can turn into a complex and chaotic journey; one that’s full of roadblocks and U-turns. But those barriers to success aren’t just functional or strategic. Emotional barriers, the “below the line” issues, that often go unaddressed, pose some of the biggest challenges. In a…

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yscouts blog adopting and retiring corporate buzzwords for 2023

Adopting and Retiring Corporate Buzzwords for 2023

By MaxHansen | February 8, 2023

Great employers and managers have a seamless way of communicating with their teams. Establishing this requires using the same vocabulary to communicate effectively. 2022 gave rise to many new corporate buzzwords. Understanding these buzzwords is key for employers to keep in sync with their teams and promote a culture that aligns with your employees values.…

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yscouts forbes new bar to raise engagement

The New Bar To Raise Engagement And Lower Attrition

By MaxHansen | December 19, 2022

Post-pandemic, there was a seismic shift in employees’ priorities. As more than half of U.S. employees are disengaged, burned out and miserable at work, they’re looking for more balance and purpose in their lives—including a job that aligns with their new priorities and purpose.   With a labor market that’s as competitive as it’s ever been,…

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Pursue Whole Co-Founder & CEO, Andy Maurer

By MaxHansen | December 14, 2022

As a former therapist and professor of human and sports psychology, Andy has taken the best of cutting-edge neuroscience and performance research and paired it with therapeutic best practices to create the Pursue Whole® Coaching Model. His unique framework brings clarity, relief, and growth to the struggles leaders face on the inside.   Press:  Leaders:…

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Agrify CEO & Chairman of the Board, Raymond Nobu Chang

By MaxHansen | October 13, 2022

Raymond is a serial entrepreneur. He is CEO & Chairman of the Board for Agrify, the most innovative provider of advanced cultivation and extraction solutions for the cannabis industry, bringing data, science, and technology to the forefront of the market. The company’s proprietary micro-environment-controlled Vertical Farming Units (VFUs) enable cultivators to produce the highest quality products…

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Willow Industries Founder & CEO, Jill Ellsworth

By MaxHansen | September 29, 2022

Fueled by her passion for innovation and dedication to health, Jill Ellsworth has made a career of creating solutions for better living. Prior to launching Willow Industries, Jill founded Vibrant Earth Juices (VEJ), a Santa Barbara-based cold-pressed organic juice company. Jill became passionate about pasteurization techniques, employing High Pressure Processing (HPP) to prevent microbial growth…

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The Five Traits That Produce the Best COOs

By MaxHansen | August 17, 2022

A COO role can be one of the trickiest positions to hire given the variety of leadership competencies needed. Yet, it is of the utmost importance to find the right COO (or second in command by any other title) for your unique situation. Even before you launch the search, it’s particularly important to nail down…

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