Enthea Co-Founder & CEO, Sherry Rais

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Welcome to Episode 94 of the Built on Purpose Podcast, brought to you by Y Scouts.  


On this episode, Max Hansen interviews Sherry Rais.


Sherry Rais is a visionary entrepreneur dedicated to revolutionizing mental healthcare in the workplace. She is the Co-founder and CEO of Enthea, a mental health company dedicated to integrating psychedelic-assisted therapy in the workplace. Through Enthea, she’s pioneering the incorporation of ketamine therapy as an employee health benefit, aiming to enhance mental wellness and tackle the stigma surrounding psychedelic therapies.


On this episode, Sheri dives deep on:


🔥 Her background serving impoverished communities that led her to pursue psychedelic therapies

🔥 How Enthea facilitates businesses offering psychedelic therapy benefits to employees

🔥 Responding to skeptics who question the safety and effectiveness

🔥 How she sees psychedelic therapies transforming healthcare over the next 5-10 years

🔥 The stigma associated with psychedelics and how to address it

🔥 The credentialing process Enthea uses to vet ketamine therapy providers

🔥 Patient feedback showing transformative mental health improvements

🔥 Whether psychedelic therapies can become addictive

🔥 And much much more…



Enthea Reports Clinical Results from First Year of Psychedelic Healthcare Benefit 

Enthea Announces Nationwide Rollout to Offer Psychedelic Therapy as a Workplace Benefit


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