CMO Executive Search for Top Marketing Leaders

The CMO role is one of the most critical leadership positions in the company.. If your company is in need of a new CMO, it may be tough to know where to turn or how to conduct a search to find top leadership with the ability to make an immediate company impact. 

When it comes time to search for top marketing leaders to lead your company into the future, you might find that you don’t have the vital and time-consuming resources to dedicate to a successful search.

Y Scouts is an executive search industry leader and a top firm for CMO talent acquisition that is deeply committed to discovering your company’s “why” and vision for the future, and a thorough process to find the C-suite level talent you need for purpose-driven leadership for years to come.

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A CMO executes successful marketing strategies and embraces innovative technology.

Understanding the role of a CMO

Regardless of the size and niche of your company, the CMO you hire can exponentially grow your reach and your success. Exceptional, innovative, and inspiring leadership is a must for your next CMO.

A CMO is responsible for the story a company shares with the world — ensuring that your target market understands your unique vision and purpose, and marketing your brand in a way that gives you an edge over the competition.

Some of the traits important in any CMO include:

  • Alignment with company mission, vision, and values
  • Drive results that align to both short and long-term company goals
  • Anticipation and analysis of marketing trends 
  • Proven ability to grow brand recognition
  • Clear and inspiring communication skills
  • Effective brand promotion
  • Emotional engagement and connection with employees, shareholders, and the public
  • Track record of implementation of successful marketing strategies
  • Proven ability to create customer engagement and shape a company’s public perception
  • Utilization of innovative technology in marketing
  • Grow, manage, and lead marketing teams

Y Scouts is the executive search firm for your next top marketing leaders

Y Scouts is a uniquely positioned CMO executive search firm that can help you hire your next top marketing leaders. We know your time is precious and your needs may be immediate. That’s why we’re passionate about a search strategy that allows companies to connect with only the most well-suited candidates. 

The first purpose-driven leadership search firm

We’re a small but mighty boutique firm and the first purpose-driven leadership search firm in the world. Here’s what that means:

Our purpose is to transform how people and companies connect to work that matters.  We’re committed to only offering you candidates with alignment to your soft and hard skill needs.

Matching CMO candidates and companies with work that matters

We want to support your business vision and connect you with candidates who can quickly contribute to impactful leadership. We’ll match the right growth-mindset CMO with your company so that together, you can effectively collaborate on work that matters.

Matching executives that resonate with the company's values and vision.

Y Scouts 3 Uniques 

Y Scouts stands out from the executive search competition in its unique, purpose-driven foundation. We have three distinctive ways that allow us to find the right CMO for your executive needs. 

Role Visioning & Success Outcome

Role Visioning & Success Outcome is our proprietary process that helps you define what the role of a successful CMO should look like in your company. We complete this process in several ways:

  • We advise you to simplify the definition of what success looks like in the CMO role. Think about the three most important success outcomes of your next CMO that should be achieved within a 12-18 month window.
  • We get to know your company's DNA. We’ll discover what makes your company culture unique and understand your DNA by holding a strategy session and collaborative meeting with your leadership team. This will help you to define what success specifically looks like for you and for your next CMO.
  • We’ll have a cross-section of your team (from every department) fill out a Company DNA Assessment that thoroughly explores your workplace culture and what leadership is like. Then, we’ll meet with 2-5 members of your leadership team who understand the strategy behind the future of the CMO role.

Covert Discovery Process

The Y Scouts CMO searches are completely outbound. We don’t post jobs for candidates, we target the leadership we think can make an immediate impact in your company. We purposefully search for executive targets that align with your values, vision, and mission, and the soft skills you need in a top marketing leader.

How do we do this? We conduct a thorough discovery process where we discover what matters most, both professionally and personally, to your potential CMOs. This is accomplished through a 30-minute, informal interview where we learn more about the values the candidate believes in, and we discover what truly drives and motivates them.

This allows potential CMOs to take off their professional interview masks so we can truly get to know them. We don’t tell candidates what company they are potentially interviewing with — we want to ensure they are a great match for you before they even begin the formal interview process.

Leadership Model for Hiring on Purpose

Finally, our stand-alone Leadership Model for Hiring on Purpose, which was developed by neuroscientist, Dr. Robert Cooper, gives Y Scouts the opportunity to only bring in thoroughly vetted, proven CMO leaders for the interview process.

Dr. Cooper developed this model by researching the greatest leaders on Earth to demonstrate the shared qualities they have to make them consistently elevated and effective leaders. We discover the proof points of your next CMO leaders through a candidate’s previous C-suite level leadership roles, how they’ve continually inspired others, and how they have driven proven results.

Check out a digital copy of the Y Scouts book, Hiring on Purpose.

We care about your mission and your business niche

We understand that each CMO search is different. You need a partnership with an executive search firm that understands your specific C-suite needs, your company’s unique vision, and the professional niche your business holds.

You may not have the time or budgetary resources to devote to a thorough CMO search. If you haven’t had to hire for leadership roles in years, you may not be up-to-date on the current hiring trends either. That’s why outsourcing your executive searches to Y Scouts can prove to be a cost-effective way to customize, successful results. 

Y Scouts Client ATS Portal

Our client ATS (applicate tracking system)portal isn’t accessible to candidates. However, as a Y Scouts client, you’ll have unrestricted, transparent access to the potential CMOs we’re vetting for your company. This helps to set you up for success as you’ll be able to view candidate profiles, client video profiles that we’ve recorded, and track candidates’ progress.

The client portal gives you excellent insight into how a candidate aligns with the soft and hard skill sets you need, and how their values match your company values. Although profiles do include candidate assessments, this only accounts for 10%-15% of the full picture. 

The Y Scouts candidate profiles accurately reflect the whole leader and give you insight into what potential CMOs could hit the ground running and create an immediate impact once hired.  

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With over 75 years of combined experience, our unique purpose-driven business model, and access to over 1 billion candidate profiles, Y Scouts can help exceed all of your executive search needs. We’ve successfully matched many clients, in multiple industries, with numerous C-suite executives, including CMOs, CFOs, CTOs, CEOs, and more.

You deserve a CMO executive search firm that is committed to finding top marketing leaders to meet your needs. We’re dedicated to offering you quality, transparency, and a lasting professional relationship. Your future innovative leaders are only a connection away. 

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