Total Family Management Founder, Alex Kirby

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Welcome to Episode 93 of the Built on Purpose Podcast, brought to you by Y Scouts.  


On this episode, Max Hansen interviews Alex Kirby.


Alex Kirby is the CEO of Total Family Management (TFM), a company dedicated to improving family dynamics by offering private family coaching services. Through TFM, he aims to enhance communication, emotional intelligence, and overall family life by providing structured workshops and a platform for families to work on their relationships​.


On this episode, Alex dives deep on:

🔥 The importance of family as a unifying entity

🔥 His journey from business consultant to family coach

🔥 Balancing work life and family life in a remote world

🔥 Keeping relationships strong across distances

🔥 Defining roles and responsibilities within a family

🔥 Small changes that can lead to big impacts

🔥 And much more…



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Total Family Management on LinkedIn

Alex Kirby on LinkedIn


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