Radical Candor Co-Founder, Kim Scott

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Learn Radical Candor from the expert herself.

Kim Scott coined the groundbreaking leadership philosophy of “caring personally while challenging directly.” After honing her approach at Google, Apple, and other tech giants, Kim wrote the bestselling book Radical Candor to share her proven framework for transforming company culture.

In this episode, Kim dives deep into the core tenets of Radical Candor. She provides vivid examples and practical advice for leaders looking to embrace this urgently-needed mindset. You’ll learn how to deliver criticism without crushing spirits, assess if a leader can thrive with Radical Candor, and adapt your style for remote teams. Kim also openly shares her own mistakes and lessons learned around giving effective feedback.

Whether you’re a CEO or just starting out, this honest wisdom can help anyone communicate with more care and clarity.



A Big Change for Candor, Inc.

What We Learned About Radical Candor From Kim Scott


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