Relationship Toolbox LLC Founder & CEO, Dr. Patty Ann Tublin

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Welcome to Episode 96 of the Built on Purpose Podcast, brought to you by Y Scouts.  


On this episode, Max Hansen interviews Dr. Patty Ann Tublin, the CEO and Founder of Relationship Toolbox LLC.

Dr. Patty Ann is a human behavior, motivation, and performance expert, specializing in the development of emotional intelligence and communication skills that promote optimal individual and group performance, impacting the bottom line.On top of that, she has extensive academic credentials, including a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, two Master’s Degrees, and a coaching certification. She is also a registered nurse (RN). Her expertise allows her to seamlessly navigate between the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, helping executives from diverse industries improve their leadership and interpersonal skills.

Dr. Patty Ann is a celebrated author of two Amazon best-selling books, “Not Tonight Dear, I’ve Got a Business to Run” and “Money Can Buy You Happiness: Secrets Women Need to Know to Get Paid What They Are Worth!” Her work emphasizes the importance of creating, nurturing, and sustaining healthy relationships for both personal and professional success. As a professional speaker, she has keynoted events globally and is frequently featured on major media platforms like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX Business News, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, and Inc. Magazine. Dr. Patty Ann’s insights and strategies empower individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential.


On this episode, Dr. Patty Ann dives deep on:


🔥 The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Relationships:

Dr. Patty Ann discusses how emotional intelligence is foundational to creating and maintaining successful personal and professional relationships. She emphasizes the role of empathy, self-awareness, and effective communication.


🔥 Her Journey from Clinical Psychologist to Business Consultant:

Dr. Patty Ann recounts her transition from traditional therapy to coaching and consulting, highlighting her academic background and extensive life experience that inform her work with entrepreneurs and executives.


🔥 Balancing Personal and Professional Life:

She shares strategies for balancing the demands of a career with personal relationships, particularly for entrepreneurial couples. Dr. Patty Ann stresses the importance of setting clear guidelines and maintaining open communication.


🔥 Building and Sustaining Trust in Teams:

Dr. Patty Ann explores how trust is built and maintained within teams, and the critical role it plays in business success. She provides insights into the dynamics of trust and how leaders can foster a trust-based environment.


🔥 Managing Conflict in Business Partnerships:

Insights into identifying and resolving conflicts in business partnerships. Dr. Patty Ann offers practical advice on communication styles, defining roles, and establishing exit strategies to ensure smooth operations.


🔥 Impact of Neuroscience on Leadership Development:

The podcast touches on Dr. Patty Ann’s interest in neuroscience and how understanding the brain can enhance leadership skills and emotional intelligence, contributing to personal and professional growth.


🔥 And much more…

From discussing her personal journey to sharing actionable tips for improving relationships and leadership skills, Dr. Patty Ann provides a wealth of knowledge that is both insightful and practical for business leaders and entrepreneurs.



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