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Welcome to Episode 97 of the Built on Purpose Podcast, brought to you by Y Scouts.  


On this episode, Max Hansen interviews Tom Kelly, the founder of Charity Auctions Today and the Co-Founder of CompCorePro.

Tom Kelly is a dynamic entrepreneur and consultant known for his innovative approaches to reducing costs and enhancing efficiency for businesses and nonprofits. With a remarkable track record of launching three successful companies, Tom has made significant strides in both sectors.

For Businesses:

Tom is renowned for his expertise in managing workers’ compensation. His unique process, which involves close oversight by doctors and adjusters, has helped companies lower their medical costs per claim by up to 50%. This approach not only reduces injury frequency and lost workdays but also significantly cuts down on workers’ comp premiums, leading to substantial cost savings for his clients.

For Nonprofits:

Tom developed a comprehensive suite of fundraising and donor management tools designed to simplify operations and reduce costs for organizations of all sizes. His platform allows nonprofits to efficiently manage their fundraising activities, helping them to maximize their impact with fewer resources.

Tom’s commitment to purpose-driven leadership and his ability to turn complex challenges into streamlined solutions make him a valuable partner for any organization looking to improve profitability and operational efficiency.


On this episode, Tom dives deep on:


🔥 Turning Frustration into Innovation:

Tom shares the origin story of Charity Auctions Today, inspired by his mother’s struggle with complicated and expensive auction platforms. He explains how he transformed this frustration into a user-friendly solution that democratizes fundraising for organizations of all sizes.


🔥 Simplifying Fundraising for Nonprofits:

With over 250,000 organizations using his platform, Tom discusses how Charity Auctions Today has become a go-to tool for schools, churches, and nonprofits. He highlights the platform’s ease of use, which enables even the least tech-savvy individuals to create and manage successful auctions.


🔥 Balancing Multiple Ventures with Purpose:

Tom shares his journey of managing multiple companies simultaneously, including Comp Core Pro and a staffing company. He emphasizes the importance of leadership and delegation in maintaining success across various business endeavors.


🔥 Empowering Families through Foundations:

Tom explores the concept of family foundations as a means to prevent entitlement and create lasting generational wealth. He explains how his own family foundation has provided purpose and financial education to his children and meaningful work for his wife.


🔥 Investing in Continuous Learning and Growth:

Tom underscores the value of relentless learning and investing in personal development. He reflects on his experiences with coaching and mentoring, which have significantly contributed to his rapid business growth and success.


🔥 And much more…

Tom dives into the power of personal growth and how investing in coaching transformed his business. He also explores creative ways to cut operational costs, especially in staffing and workers’ comp. Plus, Tom shares how combining business with philanthropy can lead to amazing outcomes. Whether you’re looking for leadership tips or innovative business ideas, Tom’s insights are packed with practical advice and inspiring stories.



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