In today’s cyber-driven world, security has taken on a whole new meaning. Chief information security officers are tasked with much more responsibility than ever before. That means that you’ll need to find an individual who aligns with your ideal chief information security officer qualifications to ensure success. Thankfully, this isn’t an impossible task.

Keep reading to learn more about hiring a top-quality chief information security officer.


How to Hire a Chief Information Security Officer

Look For Chief Information Security Officer Qualifications

A chief information security officer should be a person of high integrity and leadership. They also need to be a data-driven individual who is dedicated to protecting the valuable information their company possesses. The ideal candidate will have a degree in computer science and they need to have at least seven to twelve years of experience. Top tier candidates will have a lot of management experience as well as technical.

Start by taking a closer look at the qualifications of the individual you are considering hiring and bringing to your team. Their level of experience will let you know what you can expect once they join your team. The position is relatively new in business, dating back as early as 2009. In the ten years since its inception, however, it has become a prominent spot in any executive board. Individuals in this position have been cutting their teeth and learning as technology grows, so solid experience is a must.

Find a True Leader

The next factor to consider for your chief information security officer qualifications is leadership. Finding executive leadership is not easy, but it’s an important task to master. A chief information security officer that has passionately climbed up the ranks of his position is priceless. They not only know how to be a leader but have creativity, too. Both are necessary to implement new security systems and provide you with the latest in technological advances for data protection.

Look at Similar Industries

Take a look at industries similar to yours for the right candidate. If presented with an individual who has experience, it is best that it comes from sectors identical to yours. Many companies have sensitive data to protect, but it is no secret that some have precious data indeed. Protect your assets by finding a person that understands your business.

Consider Your Company’s Growth

As your company grows, it becomes increasingly important to protect its assets. With that said, the time to hire a chief information security officer is not determined solely by the size of a company. There are small businesses with big ideas to protect. Rate of growth is better indicator. Understand what you have and the rate of your business’ growth. Doing so gives yourself a good chance to make the right hiring decision at the right time.

Understand the Profession

We discussed earlier how important it is to understand this blossoming profession that is attracting much new talent. You don’t have to be a tech wizard, but you should have a general idea of how security technology works. What do you stand to gain from using it? Make sure that you are not caught clueless about this trending profession.


Finding assistance for the hiring process is perfectly reasonable. Executive search firms can help you find talented individuals who have been standouts in their fields. As this profession grows more and more people wonder how to hire a chief information security officer that will protect their valuable data. Executive search firms will discuss your needs with you and help you find the right person.

The Decision is Yours

You will make the final hiring decision in the end, but hopefully, the information above helped. You don’t have to be a technology expert to hire a chief information security officer. You just have to do a little research. Protecting your data is worth the effort.

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