LinkedIn for Executive Recruitment? Not So Fast

executive recruitment

Many people use LinkedIn as an executive recruitment tool when seeking qualified candidates. The platform showcases tons of experienced professionals and, on the surface, appears to be the best place to start looking for good people. And, for some companies, it may be. But is it right for your business?  There are advantages to using…

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Why Finding Your “Why” Matters More than ever During Virtual Hiring

virtual hiring best practices

With more people working from home, it can be a challenge to maintain the right team dynamics and the cultural glue that holds it all together must be industrial strength. So how do you ensure that you continue to hire the right people? In particular, how do you find the right fit with virtual leadership? …

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Why Your Job Description Is Setting Your Next Executive Hire Up for Failure

advantages and disadvantages of job descriptions c-suite

There are both advantages and disadvantages of job descriptions. Many companies use them to hire talent, relying on a list of responsibilities to back themselves up if anything goes wrong. Faced with an underperforming executive or high turnover amongst leadership teams, CEOs and boards may pull out the job description to assure themselves that their…

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How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile More Attractive to Recruiters

how to make an attractive linkedin profile

LinkedIn has successfully carved out its niche as a “professional” social network; In fact, the networking site has almost 690 million users as of 2020. More people are getting recruited for jobs because of their LinkedIn profiles every day. Thus, you’re likely wondering how to make your LinkedIn profile more attractive to recruiters. Learning how…

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Hey Phoenix, let’s support each other on #returningstronger!

Hiring on Purpose in Phoenix

Here are a few tips and resources to help our AZ businesses focus on the future: 10 Tips to Overcome Business Crisis Downturn Can Benefit Small Businesses Looking for Leaders When to Hire a CFO and When to Hire a COO 9 Fresh Interview Questions to Reveal Executive Culture Fit

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Three Reasons Cannabis Companies Need Purpose-driven Leaders

Blog_Three Reasons Cannabis Companies NeedsPDLeaders

  1. It’s a social movement. We have seen some of the most amazing brands such as Zappos, Southwest Airlines, Warby Parker, and Netflix built on seemingly plain-jane products and services. All companies that took somewhat commoditized products or services or both, and transformed them with a unique culture. If these companies can create great…

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Personal Branding for Executives


For someone in an executive position, the importance of personal branding cannot be overstated. Your personal brand can say a lot about your personal values, what you’re like to work with, and what skills you bring to the table. This article will also include tips and best practices for personal branding. What is Personal Branding?…

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4 Tips for Managing Hiring Process Speed to Land Your Dream Candidate

4 Tips to Speed Up The Hiring Process

For most organizations, the need to hire isn’t part of a long-term succession planning strategy.  It’s a result of a promotion, resignation, or termination; a consequence of poor talent management delivered through the HR function; or the outcome of faster than expected business growth (such a nice problem to have!). Regardless of the reason, the…

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Undesirable or Hirable Over Age 50?

Undesirable or hirable over age 50?

7 Tips from Perspectives on Ageism in Hiring Leaders Recently a 69-year-old man sued to have his age changed on his birth certificate. The “biological age calculator” shows him at age 45, and he has felt limited by sharing his true age when applying for a mortgage or dating on Tinder. On one hand, it…

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