Employee Burnout: The 3 Components and How Leaders Can Prevent It

Do you know what’s more exhausting than running a marathon? Dealing with employee burnout without a clue about its underlying components. Unfortunately, this is a harsh reality for many leaders in today’s workplace. Employee burnout can turn into a nightmare scenario for organizations, resulting in decreased productivity, increased turnover rates, and a toxic work environment.…

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Leaf Trade Founder & CEO, James Yi

In the Cannabis space, James stands apart as someone with both keen industry understanding and proven technology experience, having previously co-founded NextME, a B2B software provider across multiple industries including restaurants and healthcare, and serving as a cannabis industry consultant for several MSO license holders including serving as VP of Business Development at Windy City…

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Phoenix Distributors Managing Partner, Chris Finelli

Chris has held both sales and leadership positions in the investment management as well as executive leadership positions in the cannabis industry. In his current role, Chris is the Managing Partner of Phoenix Distributors, a sales and marketing as a service company for the cannabis industry. Phoenix Distributors focuses on helping Cannabis and CBD operators…

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Evo Hemp Co-Founders, Jourdan Samel & Ari Sherman

Ari Sherman and Jourdan Samel are Sales & Marketing executives in the natural products industry. Ari and Jourdan Co-Founded Hemp Health and natural foods brand Evo Hemp in 2012 to facilitate the evolution of the United States family farm. By establishing a supply chain of U.S. grown hemp, they’re working to revive the country’s agricultural system.…

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A “Work That Matters From Anywhere” Culture Offers a Human-centered Approach to Work/Life Integration


I spent February of this year working remotely in Lima, Peru. What I thought was a chance to wear soft sweaters, eat ceviche, and live my best life in South America, was actually an opportunity to experience how our company culture extends far beyond the four walls of our Scottsdale office. Work that matters from…

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How a Healthy Culture Prepared Us For The Coronavirus


Imagine the last five days. Where did you go? How many people did you come into contact with? If you had to jot down every single place you stopped by, even for a quick errand, could you? Maybe. It’s almost certain though, for most of us, that work would be on that list.  The coronavirus…

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A Look Behind the Venture Capital Investment for Mental Health Startups

Mental Health Startups

According to a report by Fierce Healthcare, investments in mental health and wellness startups have been increasingly on the rise. Mental health and wellness companies raised $321 million across 26 deals in the second quarter of 2019 with large rounds going to Quartet and Talkspace. Top investors included Centene, Google Ventures, Oak HC/FT, Norwest Venture…

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