Why More Companies Are Embracing Conscious Capitalism

conscious capitalism

Can companies make money and improve the communities around them at the same time? According to the theory of conscious capitalism, it’s not only possible, it’s the right thing to do. In today’s business environment, conscious capitalism underscores the idea that companies can be profitable while making a deliberate effort to give back more than…

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What Is a B Corp? Why Certified B Corporations Are the Future


Today’s companies are paying close attention to the things that really matter. That’s why more executives than ever are asking the question: What is a B corp? Sure, every company wants to make a profit, even the nonprofit companies. But many leaders realize that true sustainability has to do with the actions they take now…

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The Key Traits & Major Cultural Impact of Inclusive Leaders

inclusive leadership traits impact

There are plenty of checkbox diversity and inclusion initiatives. But inclusion isn’t simply about hiring the right number of people from the right categories. Inclusivity is the creation of a culture where diverse people feel welcome. To have a really diverse workplace requires inclusive leadership.  When people feel included, they show up wholeheartedly. They exceed…

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How To Get The Most From A Professional Business Organization

professional business organization

Building and maintaining professional relationships can help your professional development. However, building relationships is more complicated than attending a networking event or following professionals on LinkedIn. Professional business organizations are sure-fire networking opportunities. But if you don’t have the experience to navigate these groups, it can be hard to reap the full benefits of the…

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The Top 15 Values Social Impact Leaders Care About

Photo by Charlie Firth on Unsplash

At Y Scouts we are leadership search Sherlocks (say that three times fast) who employ a covert approach to candidate engagement. We reach out to prospective hires with general details on the functional area and company purpose, but we wait to share company name and specifics until after we spend time on the phone learning…

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Assessing Your Fulfillment at Work Through RIG: Relationships, Impact & Growth

Assessing Your Fulfillment at Work

To provide some context, Imperative was founded by Aaron Hurst, author of The Purpose Economy, and former Googler Arthur Woods to be the leadership, manager and career development platform for the rise of a new era of work. In mid-October, half of the Y Scouts team attended Purpose 2030, a summit presented by Imperative, which…

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3 Simple Ways to Start Building Trust on Your Team

3 Simple Ways to Start Building Trust on Your Team

One of my favorite perks of working at Y Scouts is learning how conscious leaders lead. I say “conscious” because often there’s a point in someone’s career when they realize what it really means to be a leader; when they start seeing themselves as a “leader of people” for the first time. The leadership awakening…

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10 Skills for the Future Workforce

Skills for the future workforce

We’re big believers in relentless learning, it’s even one of our company core values. Learning relentlessly is expanding your skillset and preparing for future changes. And as the future workforce changes, it’s no surprise that new skills will be needed to keep up. Do you know which skills you should be acquiring? The rising workforce,…

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Six Drivers of Change For the Future Workforce

drivers of change for the future workforce

With the ever-changing landscape of technology and business, knowing what’s shaping those changes is crucial to staying ahead. The following six drivers of change from the Institute for the Future present a compelling look at the future of the workforce and the needed changes for our education system to teach skills that actually matter. Global…

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Why Competition is a Good Thing

why competition is a good thing

  Competition is a good thing, it forces everybody to continue to up their game and continue to iterate on their processes and systems.  Overall, it’s a good thing. There’s enough work in the world that needs to be done, and there’s enough of a need for great leaders in the world that there should…

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