How Many Interview Rounds? It Depends on the Executive You Need

interview rounds

When you’re looking for your next executive hire, the interview process and its countless rounds of interviews can seem overwhelming. How can you ensure that you’re getting everything you need from an interview? It’s easy for the process to become redundant and tiring, both for the candidates and for those conducting the interview. You can…

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Five Essential Tips for Effective Leadership Interviews

effective leadership

Every company in the world is looking for effective leadership skills in their executive hires. But what does that mean, really? It’s hard enough to define the perfect set of leadership capabilities, let alone find them all in one person. And now, with a large part of the hiring process conducted online, finding the right…

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Hiring Your First COO? How to Set a Competitive COO Salary

set a competitive coo salary

The name of the game is engaging and retaining top talent. So, in an increasingly competitive market, how do you set a solid COO salary? In addition to being the CEO’s right arm, the chief operating officer is the go-to person when it comes to leading the day-to-day workings of any business. Given this, a…

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Ways To Attract More Diverse Cannabis Executives

One aspect of the cannabis business that is ripe for change relates to how it represents certain groups. From learning more about the industry to finding ways to join its community, here are some tips for diversifying the business for people of color and those who identify as LGBTQ.

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Why Your Job Description Is Setting Your Next Executive Hire Up for Failure

advantages and disadvantages of job descriptions c-suite

There are both advantages and disadvantages of job descriptions. Many companies use them to hire talent, relying on a list of responsibilities to back themselves up if anything goes wrong. Faced with an underperforming executive or high turnover amongst leadership teams, CEOs and boards may pull out the job description to assure themselves that their…

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Valley Tech Firms Embrace WFH As Long-term Change

a laptop and an open journal on a white table

We started 2020 bright-eyed and bushy-tailed—charting growth plans, ramping up hiring, and building out KPI lists that probably look completely different today. While 2020 showed up differently than anticipated, enough time has passed for companies to look back on what went right and what opportunities lie ahead.  Y Scouts spoke to a number of SaaS…

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How Has Hiring During COVID-19 Changed?

hiring during covid 19

For those of you wondering how COVID changed the hiring game, look no further. Hiring pre-COVID was hard enough. Hiring during COVID-19 presents another set of challenges that we need to be aware of to be successful in the new world we live in related to hiring the right, the best, and the brightest. Hiring…

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