House of Puff Founder & CEO, Kristina Lopez Adduci

  Kristina Lopez Adduci is the founder and CEO of House of Puff, a Latina-led and women-owned cannabis lifestyle company based in NYC. Kristina launched House of Puff to help women consume cannabis unapologetically, making it chic and effortless. Hailing from the art world, she marries these worlds with art-inspired cannabis products that women can…

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Right People, Right Seats: Hiring for Team Synergy

hiring for team synergy

Plenty of leaders are looking to create team synergy. That requires putting the right people in the right seats. That’s catchy and easy enough to say, but how does the process look? Well, for one thing, it’s not just about hiring. It also has to do with a system that many world-class entrepreneurial companies have…

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What Are the Behavioral Traits of a Relentless Learner? Why You Want to Hire the Executive Who Is Always Learning

behavioral traits of a relentless learner

Humans are always learning. New technology. A new passcode. Someone’s name. Some random historical facts. When it comes to the workplace, 54% of people believe that continuous learning is essential to their career development. But not everyone is a relentless learner. This type of learning doesn’t happen by accident. Nor is it by mandate of…

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Why More Companies Are Embracing Conscious Capitalism

conscious capitalism

Can companies make money and improve the communities around them at the same time? According to the theory of conscious capitalism, it’s not only possible, it’s the right thing to do. In today’s business environment, conscious capitalism underscores the idea that companies can be profitable while making a deliberate effort to give back more than…

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C3 Industries Co-Founder & CEO, Ankur Rungta

Ankur Rungta is co-founder and chief executive officer of C3 Industries Inc. Under his leadership, the company has raised over $100 million of capital and currently employs almost 400 people. Ankur and his team have overseen the development of six award-winning cannabis production facilities as well as twenty-one retail stores in Michigan, Massachusetts, Missouri and…

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Do You Need a Head of Remote Work to Uplevel Virtual Team Management?

management of virtual teams head of remote work

It may have seemed like the perfect solution, this whole work-from-home concept. In fact, as recently as May 2021, 40% of workers said they would quit if forced to return to the office. But the management of virtual teams is far from easy. From Zoom technology to psychological well-being to company culture, there are hurdles…

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Realist vs. Visionary: What Type of Leader Does Your Team Need?

realist vs visionary leadership

Nelson Mandela. Steve Jobs. Gloria Steinem. Alexander the Great. Where would we be without visionary leadership? These men and women are innovators and inventors, responsible for changing industry and even the course of history. So why do we need realists? In more pejorative terms they are known as pragmatists and some would even say pessimists.…

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How to Hire a VP of Sales

two men in formal suits shaking hands

Table of Contents Qualities to look for in a VP of Sales Knowing when to hire a VP of Sales What to pay a VP of Sales Tips on how to hire a VP of Sales Customers and revenue are the lifeblood of any company. The person in charge of these two critical areas is…

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A “Work That Matters From Anywhere” Culture Offers a Human-centered Approach to Work/Life Integration


I spent February of this year working remotely in Lima, Peru. What I thought was a chance to wear soft sweaters, eat ceviche, and live my best life in South America, was actually an opportunity to experience how our company culture extends far beyond the four walls of our Scottsdale office. Work that matters from…

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How a Healthy Culture Prepared Us For The Coronavirus


Imagine the last five days. Where did you go? How many people did you come into contact with? If you had to jot down every single place you stopped by, even for a quick errand, could you? Maybe. It’s almost certain though, for most of us, that work would be on that list.  The coronavirus…

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