Top Executive Search Firms in Raleigh

Finding a leader for your organization is already hard enough. We created this list of the top executive search firms in Raleigh to make your decision a little easier.

These companies all have been recommended to be included on this list. Some of these executive recruitment companies utilize a network of executive recruiters located in major cities across the country. Others are local to Raleigh and have worked in the industries where they now recruit talent.

Here’s our list of top executive recruiters in Raleigh, NC.

Y Scouts

Y Scouts is a purpose-based, performance-proven leadership search and development firm focused on transforming how people and organizations connect to work that matters.

Our Raleigh executive recruiters understand the functions and dynamics surrounding the most critical leadership roles. As a certified B-Corp, we also understand the importance of planet, people, and profit.

Combine our knowledge of recruiting exceptional leaders with our purpose-driven philosophy, and Y Scouts is able to present the highest caliber leadership candidates to our clients.

When you’re ready to hire a new leader, contact Y Scouts. If you are looking for your next leadership role within a purpose-driven, performance-focused organization, please join the Y Scouts Leadership Community.

Phone: 480-498-7222


Management Recruiters of Raleigh

Management Recruiters of Raleigh finds the kind of executives who change companies for the better. They put all their efforts into searching for employees who want to work hard and do their job right.

Phone: 919-781-0400


Arris Partners

No matter how big or small the company, Arris Partners’ executive recruiters in Raleigh, NC, commit themselves to find the perfect person to fill an executive position.

Phone: 919-474-0771


Vaco Raleigh

For ten years, Vaco Raleigh has been helping candidates reach their full potential and making sure each company has the right staff to succeed. Vaco has offices all over the country.

Phone: 919-719-6500


Deckelbaum & Associates

Deckelbaum & Associates learn everything it can about its clients’ goals and values, so they can ensure that every executive they place is a good match.

Phone: 919-247-5887


Do you have a recommendation for an executive search firm in Raleigh who should be included on this list? Please, tell us! Contact Y Scouts for possible inclusion on this list.


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Client Testimonial:

“Y Scouts partnered with Year Up to understand our organization and our goals for new leadership. The Y Scouts approach was exceptionally effective, delivering a slate of candidates who embodied the essential values and experience we wanted. Our outcome was a dynamic and experienced leader who truly embodies our mission. As we continue to expand across the country, we consider Y Scouts a go-to partner in future searches.”



Candidate Testimonial:

“The entire process – starting at first contact – was personal, comfortable and engaging. Y Scouts never made me feel like I was part of a transaction; I felt like I was working with a friend and an ally throughout the entire process, who kept my best interests in mind at all times. I felt like my recruiter truly took the time to get to know me, my motivations and what type of opportunity would help me grow and succeed. Y Scouts helped me move into an incredible new role, and I am thankful everyday that Y Scouts helped connect me to an organization and position that align perfectly with my skills and personal passions. I would absolutely recommend working with Y Scouts to any organization with a true commitment to finding the right leaders.”



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