Whether you are looking to staff for a smaller business or larger corporation, the smartest step to your recruiting process is to partner with staffing agencies. Helping thousands of businesses grow, staffing agencies are incredible for finding your company’s next right hire! Not only do you save time and money, but your new hires could be one of the most top qualified candidates in their field. If you are looking to expand your business, here’s a list of the top 5 CIO executive search firms for Chief Investment Officers in the United States.

Top Staffing Agencies For Chief Investment Officers

Y Scouts

Y Scouts is a top CIO executive search agency in the valley hiring quality individuals in order to help firms grow on a daily basis. Their purpose is to aid firms to hire leaders with amazing qualities and characteristics, the crucial information beyond what can be listed on their resume. They want to find the right person to hire for your Chief Investment Officer position. The business market is becoming increasingly competitive and Y Scouts understands this as well as the importance of locating individuals who are looking to grow as your business grows.

Website: yscouts.com

Phone: (480) 498-7222

Lucas Group

The Lucas Group has been working to connect talented professionals with career opportunities for the past three decades. Ranked as one of the top staffing agencies, they have expanded their services all across the country. Their number one goal is to be North America’s premier executive recruiting firm in assisting mid-tier to Fortune 500 clients find transcendent, executive talent.

Website: lucasgroup.com

Phone: (800) 466-4489

Gould Staffing

Gould Staffing serves with the aim of placing employees in the best possible CIO positions to fit all your company needs. In this case, they would help you find a top Chief Investment Officer for your company, meaning you no longer have to worry about all of the stress and lost time as a result of a new hire.

Website: gouldstaffing.com

Phone: (480) 922-9500

Allied Forces

With a unique servicing hour, Allied Forces is available to fill your positions and its needs through 24/7 accessibility. Therefore, you have the option of preparing for absence through advanced planning, making the entire transition process a lot easier for you, your team, and the entire company. They not only provide short term staffing, but they also provide their services to fill long term positions such as Chief Investment Officers.

Website: alliedforces.com

Phone: (855) 423-8367

Robert Half

Robert Half is always in search of emerging leaders! They help companies of all sizes find their perfect employee passionate and skilled in what they do. Located in Phoenix, Robert Half has the geographic advantage of resourcing individuals from a wide array of local talents across the Valley. As a professional staffing agency, they have all of their resumes on hand available with a click of a button.

Website: roberthalf.com

Phone: (877) 548-6964

The Choice is Yours

Now that you have a list of the top CIO executive search firms it up to you to decide which one is going to be the right fit for you. Before you make the decision, list out your expectations so you and the firm have a clear understanding of your requirements. This will help streamline the recruiting process as well as ensure you get the most out of your engagement.


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