Hiring a Chief Revenue Officer is a key element in prioritizing revenue while maintaining your focus on your company’s development. The following are important elements to consider when determining how to hire a Chief Revenue Officer.


Hiring a Quality Chief Revenue Officer: What to Know


Seek Guidance From an Executive Search Firm

As a founder, your valuable time and efforts can be saved by enlisting a search firm’s support to find your next Chief Revenue Officer.

Hire a recruiting firm that knows your industry. Overall, these search executive search firms are highly likely to have connections with —and possibly relationships with— qualified candidates. These firms specialize in targeting viable candidates and have the experience to capture and find the type of leader your company is searching for.

Reach Out to Relevant Connections

If you’re ready to dive right in, begin by reaching out to established connections.

Are you already connected on LinkedIn with any individuals who might qualify? Reach out to them. Your connections may lead you to the right candidate. Communicate your need to others, and let them know what you’re searching for.

Monitor Your Industry

Failed startups could be a great source of talented professionals. Be on the lookout for startup closures since those who were let go might be seeking a new opportunity. If you have a connection with former employees from this startup, reach out to them to gain an insight into this person’s skills and work ethic.

Determine What to Pay Your CRO

The average salary for a Chief Revenue Officer in the United States starts at $100,000. However, there are a few other factors to consider before making an official salary offer.

For example, your ideal CRO might possess certain skills and a background in the industry. Use these qualifications to guide your salary decisions.

Additionally, consider what companies in your industry pay employees filling a similar role. This can provide you with a better understanding of what appropriate compensation looks like.

Craft a Creative Approach

Try a creative approach to capture the attention of the right candidate. Think of this candidate search beyond recruiting and begin thinking of it as a marketing strategy.

Consider the creation of an engaging video to promote this position. Make this a compelling story beyond the Now Hiring point of view.

Once you’ve created the content, test Facebook and LinkedIn ads to help spread the word about the job opening.

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