You know when to hire a VP of HR and what to look for in a VP of HR. Now comes the time to search for candidates. Which methods will show you how to hire a VP of HR?

Each company will approach the hiring process in their own unique way. They’ll have certain skills and traits they’re seeking outline in their VP of HR job description. But regardless of all the differences, much of the process remains the same. The following methods will explain how to hire a VP of HR.

1. Find an executive search firm

Using an executive search firm to recruit a VP of HR will save you time and stress. There’s no need to spend hours connecting with new people on LinkedIn. Instead, you’ll outsource this work to highly qualified pros in this area.

These firms–and their staff–already have an understanding of the industry and have been cultivating relationships for months or years. All you need to do is create a detailed VP of HR job description, and they’ll take it from there. Just wait for them to share the best candidate with you. Using innovative HR executive search solutions ensures you get professionals with the right mix of purpose, personality and professional skills that fits with the why of your organization.

2. Know what you’re looking for in a VP of HR

The HR management team is one of the most important teams in any organization. These are the people that hold your company together. They offer support, care, and compassion. They’re also strong, direct, and efficient. When it comes to what to look for in a VP of HR, finding the person that balances all these qualities is important.

The VP of HR is responsible for strategies and tasks related to performance management, employment law, and organizational development. There are many other things that these professionals do, but these three are the most important.

3. Use your connections

If you’re determined to recruit your new vice president of HR yourself, start by reaching out to your industry connections (you may actually need that LinkedIn profile for this one).

You don’t need to focus on people you think are qualified for the job. Instead, just put your need out into the ecosystem. Share the news with every person you think may know a qualified candidate.

4. Keep an eye on the industry

Industry news constantly reveals new potential candidates. Keep an eye out for headlines about things such as layoffs; this might help you connect with the right person at just the right time.

Keeping an eye on the industry also helps you determine certain factors such as what to pay your new VP. There is no set standard for chief executive salaries as this number varies based on the role and the industry. So, taking a look at what other companies in the industry pay their VP can give you a good idea of where to start.

5. Evaluate all of your options

Sometimes you can try a variety of tactics and still fall short. Or maybe you aren’t sure if it’s the right time to bring another full-time executive into the company. Consider the amount of work they will take on. Will the tasks fill up enough hours each month? If not, you have time to be patient.

For those who have an immediate need of filling this position, we recommend to strongly consider the benefits of hiring an outside firm. Their knowledge and experience will make up for the cost — not to mention you will no longer have to invest time searching.

If acquiring the support of an outside firm isn’t an option, get creative. You may need to approach it from a different angle or with a new set of search criteria. A good first place to start is by adjusting the VP of HR job description.

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