5 Ways to Prepare During the Executive Hiring Process

executive hiring processWho wouldn’t want to be part of an organization packed with competent contributors managed by effective leaders? As the company grows, credibility grows. This gives the aspirants and applicants to get into your company the hope of a better future once they get hired. This is usually given credit to the executive leaders who are responsible for running the company. That is why the executive hiring process is critical for every organization. This article will guide leaders to adapt and prepare themselves in managing their team.

Prepare For Your Executive Role With LEADS

I believe that starting your journey in a new company as a manager is not always about building a team. It should be about creating a culture that is conducive to growing a team.

According to Forbes, companies with strong cultures saw a 4x increase in revenue growth. It demonstrates how important it is to new executives and leaders to focus on the team they will handle and prioritize the extrinsic factors that directly impact the people’s working atmosphere. Below are 5 Ways to Champion your first ten days in an Executive Role with L-E-A-D-S.

L- Learn to communicate, not manipulate.

Effective communication plays an essential role in keeping the team aligned and makes the work atmosphere positive and lively. When starting in a new environment, communication will be your best shot in setting your team’s expectations and vice versa. The best way for your team to follow your lead is for them to understand the purpose, rather than just giving orders to do so.

E- Establish yourself and build your credibility.

Your first 10 days may be a bit overwhelming. However, people form their views about the type of person you are and your priorities, values, and style during the first few weeks. You have an unrivaled opportunity to move, direct and energize people, call a halt to past practices, and move the business confidently in a new or modified direction, according to Entendeo. Cliche or not, but first impressions last. It’s best to utilize this time to build your reputation and promote trust among your team.

A- Assess, don’t assume.

One of the most difficult challenges when joining a team is how you add value in the first ten days. If you are lucky enough, your expectations would have been set and briefly discussed during the executive hiring process. During the executive hiring process, you should observe the team to assess what needs to be done and the strengths that we need to keep and sustain. In any project or initiative, root cause analysis is the key to identify problem areas and find the best way to permanently resolve those, rather than assume and base your intervention on superficial factors that only lead to band-aid solutions.

D- Drive results towards the goal.

Having a proper mindset has always been a significant factor in pursuing every goal. It is best to have that utmost interest in working towards a specific goal with a strategic plan to follow. Leadership Mindset would also be a good read and will benefit those who are in the same boat and wish to have a good kickstart in their new role.

S- Synergist and a Catalyst who’s not afraid to Innovate.

What will make you stand out among other leaders? Once you begin identifying the actual problem, it wouldn’t matter if you follow what’s conventional or not. Yes, It would be easier to work within the norm, but thinking outside the box and using unorthodox methodologies might be what your team needs. It wouldn’t hurt to have a catalyst on your team who’s willing to take risks and not afraid to innovate. Often, the risk of not taking action is greater than actually doing something new and innovative.

Find Success With the Right Professional Support

L-E-A-D-S will serve as your guide in having a successful transition to your new role. You don’t need to go through it alone. With the proper support, mindset and approach, success will be just around the corner. Nobody said it would be that easy, but that’s the reason why we have organizations such as YScouts, who can prepare you for your first ten days or find you the best fit for an executive role.

Whether you’re an aspirant or the hiring company, ten days might not be enough to determine someone’s worth, but sufficient to measure someone’s drive and commitment to make a difference.