What Is a B Corp? Why Certified B Corporations Are the Future


Today’s companies are paying close attention to the things that really matter. That’s why more executives than ever are asking the question: What is a B corp? Sure, every company wants to make a profit, even the nonprofit companies. But many leaders realize that true sustainability has to do with the actions they take now…

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C3 Industries Co-founder, President, & CFO, Vishal Rungta

Vishal Rungta is Co-founder, President and Chief Financial Officer of C3 Industries Inc. To date, Vishal has overseen approximately $100 million in capital investment for C3, leveraging his expansive network of business professionals in addition to his expertise in business strategy, capital structure and risk management. Vishal also co-founded and now serves on the board…

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How to Turn Virtual Onboarding Challenges into Opportunities

virtual onboarding

An employee’s earliest experiences with the company can pave the way to future successes. These experiences include virtual onboarding. Remote working environments complicate every aspect of the hiring experience. But the hiring process doesn’t end with the job offer. Now is the time to introduce new hires to the company, their team members and help…

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Headset Director of Industry Relations, Jocelyn Sheltraw

Jocelyn Sheltraw is the Director of Industry Relations at Headset, responsible for internal and external strategies to build Headset’s brand awareness, community development, and market expansion across North America.  Jocelyn is a vocal cannabis advocate and industry thought leader, involved in various cannabis associations, committees, social equity programs, as well as regular speaker at various…

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The Great Resignation: What we Can Learn about Preventing C-Suite Turnover

great resignation reasons why employees leave

Some 4.4 million employees, or 3% of workers, left their jobs in September 2021, leaving employers scrambling to fill vacancies, particularly in the low-income sectors. A large portion of this number, 40%, came from bars and restaurants, hospitality, health care, travel and manufacturing industries. These are traditionally low-paying, high-stress jobs that were among the hardest…

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5 C-Suite Leadership Goals to Start the New Year with Intention

leadership goals

Ring in a new year and another opportunity for a fresh start toward achieving your leadership goals. The good news is that you don’t have to make sweeping changes. James Clear, author of the New York Times bestseller Atomic Habits, suggests that if you can live one percent better each day, you’ll be 37 times…

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Self-Care for Leaders: Six Ways to Recharge Your Batteries

self-care for leaders

These pandemic years have been hard on everyone. They’ve been particularly challenging for C-suite executives who feel responsible for everyone else and may be reluctant to take care of themselves. But self-care for leaders is key to sustaining the pace and the energy needed to get through difficult times.  With the vestiges of the Great…

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Creo Inc. CMO, Shuchi Sarkar

 Shuchi Sarkar is currently CMO of a biotech start-up, Creo Inc. Creo, is an ingredient platform, producing rare and novel cannabinoids, through a fusion of technology and fermentation, with multiple benefits to humans. In her current role she is responsible for driving the go-to-market strategy,  brand building, PR and communications, category growth and demand…

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How to Revamp Your Leadership Development Plan to Retain Remote Executive Teams

leadership development plan for remote executives

Though the shift to a dispersed workforce is one that most companies have become comfortable with, the long-term impact of managing remote teams is far from done revealing itself. It can be hard enough for managers to understand how to manage their people on a day-to-day basis without the line of sight provided by an…

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Cannabis Entrepreneur, Investor, & Thought Leader, Armen Yemenidjian

  In 2017, Armen was named to Vegas Inc.’s prestigious “40 Under 40” list and in 2018, he was named as one of High Times’ “100 Most Influential People in Cannabis.” Armen Yemenidjian began his career at Tropicana Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas in August 2009 in the Marketing Department, subsequently moving to Casino…

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