Visionary leaders have the power to make or break a company. Take a look at Steve Jobs, whose visionary leadership style was credited as one of the biggest reasons for Apple’s current success. Steve’s leadership style included taking calculated risks, strategic long-term planning, and strong charisma. With these three key traits, he was able to return Apple to profitability during a time the company was in a state of decline.

Fortunately for you, these visionary leadership characteristics and traits can be practiced over time. Here’s our insight on the top skills needed to lead a company.

The leadership style, characteristics, and traits all visionaries share


Charisma is the magnetic charm or appeal that inspires loyalty and enthusiasm for a leader. Charismatic leaders should be able to use their body language and words to draw others to them. Some simple tricks to boost your natural charisma include maintaining a welcoming body language, including open gestures and smiling. In addition, make sure to maintain eye contact with each person you are speaking to. While charisma is a learned trait that involves reading others’ body language, these simple techniques can definitely help you charm those around you.

Intelligent Risk-Takers

Visionary leaders take calculated intelligent risks. They are willing to take gambles on risks that they believe in but will have already weighed the pros and cons of the decision. Is there a new opportunity on the horizon? Is there a demand for a new line of products? While they may take more creative approaches in decision making than typical leaders, this initiative is always backed by appropriate action. Usually, visionaries will take smaller risks before plunging into taking on larger risks.

Strategic Planners

Visionary leaders are also usually strategic planners. Leaders must be able to have insight on what direction they want to company to head towards and plan accordingly. For every goal they have in mind, it is crucial to they also have an action plan to make it happen. Visionaries are like chess players; they must plan ahead in order to win.

Intelligent Listeners

Since a leader’s vision has a large impact on what direction a company will have in the future, they will often refer to opinion’s of their advisors for guidance. While visionaries dream big, they make sure to listen to their employees and their customers before making large decisions. Visionary leaders understand that future goals are important–but if they do not align with the current company culture or are simply not the right move, they know to reevaluate their options.


Leaders need to be tenacious and determined. While there will be times of great success and profits, there will also likely be tumultuous times where leaders must address as well. Visionary leaders must be able to address changing ideas, external factors, and company politics as well. An underrated trait, this is one of our favorite visionary leadership style traits that we value from leaders.

Embrace Visionary Leadership Style

Adopting a visionary leadership style can be beneficial to your company’s long-term and short-term future. With practice, adopting these key traits will help you lead your company to its full potential.

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