Good news, your company is growing and it’s time to consider expanding your workforce. But, is it the right time to hire a Chief Contracting Officer? Ask yourself these questions:

Does your company regularly work with contractors?

Do you want to ensure that contracts are upheld to company and government standards?

Do you want the best contractors for your projects?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the time might be now.

When to Hire a Chief Contracting Officer

Is the Right Time Now?

A company with multiple projects and contractors needs someone to ensure projects are being completed and done so correctly. This is where having a Chief Contracting Officer (CCO) becomes crucial. The CCO supervises and works closely with contractors. They ensure that contractors are meeting both time and quality requirements.

How a CCO Can Help

The CCO is not only an expert on company standards but state and federal standards as well. Their responsibility is to make sure both company standards and the law are being upheld in all contracts.

If contractors have a question or issue, the CCO is their first point of contact. Knowing company expectations and the ins and outs of each project make the CCO a master of conflict resolution. The CCO is also in charge of putting together bid packages and comparing price quotes.

What to Look For in a CCO

When looking for a suitable Chief Contracting Officer, search for a candidate with stellar analytical skills combined with a background that includes handling proposals and bid requests. Necessary skills include handling complex contracts and understanding federal regulations. Those with a CPA certificate are highly desirable, though an individual with experience at a previous agency will be more able to hit the ground running once hired.

It’s important to find a candidate who holds a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Proper schooling involved practice with real-life scenarios and internships that prepare them for this position.

Education comes second only to experience, preferably in a supervisory role at a previous job that is equivalent in size to your organization. Candidates with this experience are apt in providing effective guidance and instruction to subordinates.

This position also requires comprehensive math and reading skills. Each assignment is different and will often involve analyzing data and detailed budgets. Advanced readings skills are a must, especially coupled with experience with reading complex bids and contracts while understanding the rules and regulations tied to these documents.

Feeling Overwhelmed With the Number of Your Contracts?

Having a CCO optimizes every aspect of the contracting process. If your company does not have several projects and contractors, then you don’t need a CCO yet. Are these responsibilities currently met at your company? If your answer is no, then now is the right time to hire a CCO.  As a business owner, you have plenty more to worry about than managing every aspect of every contract. 

The CCO Role and Briefs

Another role of the CCO is to provide briefs to the business owner regarding the progress of each project. This ensures that the business owner is never out of the loop about a project’s status. The CCO makes sure you know exactly what is happening with your project while relieving you of the day to day management.

If there is room in the company budget, a CCO is an essential hire for those who have several contract projects. Hiring a CCO will free you up to take care of your countless responsibilities, without having to worry about whether or not your projects are being completed to your standards.

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