7 Things Leaders Never Say

Leadership requires a specific set of abilities and character traits. Among them is the ability to accept the consequences of one’s actions. Leaders should go above and beyond what is officially required in their job description. They need to set accurate timelines to complete projects, not only to finish them as quickly as possible but with the highest quality work. Leaders also need to adapt to an ever-changing market and professional environment.

Believe it or not, what you say in the workplace plays a part in dictating all of these traits. One of the reasons leaders become successful is by keeping a close watch on the words they say and the way their words affect people. Y Scouts put together seven things leaders never say to help lead you to a prosperous corporate vocabulary.


  1. “That’s not in my job description.”

 A leader does what is required of him or her. As someone moves up the ranks in a company, their responsibilities expand to match their more dignified positions. These responsibilities may harness your creativity and excite your innovative side, or they may be mundane tasks that you dread.

Leaders accept all of these responsibilities, whether they are officially required of them or not. This shows a drive to do whatever it takes to be successful and a devotion to the company and its purpose. Avoid this self-defeating phrase and accept that your job description consists of whatever will propel the business towards wealth and prosperity.


  1. “That can’t be accomplished.”

You’ve certainly heard the phrase, “remove the word ‘can’t’ from your vocabulary.” Now extend that removal to the phrase listed above. Practically anything can be done in business. The only limits are the limits you put on yourself. Even if a project is presented to you that you truly believe can’t be completed, fight the urge to say that it’s impossible and use your innovative business mind to navigate your way through it. This is the mindset that got you  to where you are in the first place. Don’t let it become a roadblock for what would be an otherwise lucrative career.


  1. “It wasn’t my fault.”

Leaders accept the consequences of their actions as well as the actions of their team. This is one of the signature marks of a leader and is easily recognizable simply by the words they choose when something goes wrong. Accepting responsibility is far more beneficial to your career than placing blame. It will also teach you to learn from your past mistakes and give you a sharper business mind in the process.


  1. “It will only me take a minute to finish.”

Although projects should not be undertaken at a snail’s pace, they should not be accepted with the notion that they will be completed rapidly without careful consideration of every aspect. If it will truly take you a minute, then go ahead and say it. Otherwise, give an accurate estimate of the timeline to completion and follow through on that timeline.


  1. “No, I don’t need any help. I’ve got this.”

No leader rose to their seat in the corporate world without accepting help from others. This shows that you are comfortable in the abilities you possess, and comfortable in accepting that you lack what others may have. People generally get satisfaction from helping others, so letting people help you makes them feel good. And when a lot of people feel good about helping you, you’ve become a leader that not only commands respect, but leads an army of devoted business people.


  1. “This isn’t fair.”

In order to be successful, you’ve got to accept that things will not always go your way. Leaders understand this and accept current unfair situations in order to take advantage of opportunistic situations in their future. Do not sabotage all of your previous efforts by acting like a child in a lapse moment of misjudgment.


  1. “This is how it’s always been done, so let’s do it this way.”

As every business is subject to a changing environment and marketplace, so should every business person and leader adapt their craft. It is our natural tendency to default to how something was done before. However, that may not be the optimal route to take in certain situations. Keep your mind open to new ways of doings things and your business will continue to adapt and thrive.

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