The cannabis industry is in full bloom, and as states see increases in dispensaries, the demand only heightens. The enormous demand for cannabis products means that employers in the industry must find people who are qualified to speak about the product. A cannabis job board can be the perfect place to start since, at the moment, they are booming with talent. There are many options, but we’ve found five of the best to look at below.

Y Scouts

Y Scouts is among the best cannabis job board in the market. With a passion for transforming organizations, as well as furthering people’s careers, they connect skilled candidates to reliable work. They believe that experienced talent is the most profound competitive advantage in business. They possess a large clientele base that ranges from medium-sized, family-owned business to large corporations. Y Scouts is a purpose-driven firm focused on creating a paradigm shift on how firms recruit candidates that increase value to the organization.


Phone: (480)374-7110


Vangsters is a leading cannabis job board that helps individuals find work in the industry. Medicinal marijuana offers countless jobs that range from a business angle to sales, and even medicine. Anyone looking to get into this industry would be wise to look here first. From brand manager to IT specialist, positions at all levels are here. Vangsters has been building a reputation over the years as the go-to site for cannabis jobs.


Phone: n/a

Cannabis Job Board

It doesn’t get any easier than Cannabis Job Board for the aspiring industry worker. Cannabis Job Board allows applicants to submit their resume and be found by employers. The site even offers cannabis training and a strong network of individuals who love the industry. There is a ton of information on the site and plenty of opportunities as well. The training they offer is a highlight of this cannabis job board.


Phone: (888) 780-1867


Ganjapreneur offers a lot of information about the cannabis industry on its website. From articles regarding legislation to trends hitting the market, nothing is missing here. Employees and employers can both post here frequently and see search results atop the page. Ganjapreneur makes the process simple. It is the simplicity of the website that keeps people coming back.


Phone: n/a

420 Careers

420 Careers allows employers to post here for free. Applicants can post their resumes on the site and get in touch with industry leaders. There is even an option for cannabis business owners to promote their job listing on the website’s main page for $25. The promotion will last about two weeks on the front page of the site. Giving employers an opportunity to promote their posts is a great one and indicative of the customer-centric model this site follows


Phone:  n/a

These job boards offer ample opportunity to both employers and employees. Alternatives to a cannabis job board are available in the form of executive search firms that can help employers find the talent they seek. Companies like Y Scouts are glad to help and can match you up with the right candidate in no time. The industry keeps on growing and as long as demand is there, so will jobs.

Y Scouts is a purpose-based, performance-proven leadership search and development firm focused on transforming how people and organizations connect to work that matters. When you’re ready to hire a new leader, Contact Y Scouts. If you are looking for your next leadership role within a purpose-driven, performance-focused organization, please join the Y Scouts Leadership Community.

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