Looking Behind the Resume: How to Find Candidates for the Long-Term

tips for human resources recruiter

This article by Adam DiBiase, Leadership Search Director at Y Scouts, will discuss the importance of looking behind the resume and how to find candidates for the long-term. Here in Arizona, every student is required to take at least one course in Economics. I was one of the few students who enjoyed the subject and…

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3 Key Behaviors Of A True Leader

behaviors of a true leader

This is a post from Y Scouts CEO and co-founder, Max Hansen. When we consider leadership characteristics at Y Scouts, the best way to consider it is using our leadership model as a framework. Our leadership model consists of three elevated behaviors. Those three elevated behaviors are relentless learning, driving results, and developing other people.…

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Best Practices For Recruiting Leaders In The 21st Century

Best Practices for Recruiting

The best practices for recruiting quality leaders start with the search for a lifelong learner. Learning crushes knowing in the 21st century hiring process Only recruit and hire leaders that aggressively pursue professional and personal growth opportunities. The world is changing faster than ever before and technological advancements are placing a demand on us to adopt a…

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Detecting Deception & Lies In The Recruitment Process

Recruiting can be tough. But it’s even tougher when you detect a red flag during your interactions with a candidate. This comprehensive guide will help you determine if a candidate you’re attempting to recruit might be fooling you. Detecting Lies In The Recruitment Process Zeroing In On Any Non-Specifics As a general rule of thumb—and it may…

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How Long Does It Take To Find A CEO?

How Long Does It Take To Find A CEO

So, how long does it take to find a CEO, taking into consideration the research process, the interviews, the candidate lineup, and so forth? In short, you must “go slow to go fast.” Let’s first expand on the “go slow to go fast” component of hiring an executive. Thoughtfulness in Hiring The notion of going…

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Our Solid Approach To Employee Reference Checks

Employee reference checks are one of the best ways to garner outside perspective on a potential new hire. Asking references the right questions is the first step. At Y Scouts, we take a three-pronged approach to employee reference checks that you’ll want to mull over before your next hiring spree. Employee Reference Checks 101 The…

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Why The Time To Fill Recruiting Metric Hurts Your Hiring

Recruiting is a time-consuming process, period. Why do we celebrate the time to fill recruiting metric? Does prioritizing speed in recruitment produce the best hiring results? Most organizations believe that the most important measure of their recruiting teams success is in their time to fill ratios. We don’t. We believe that slow is the new…

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6 Hiring Mistakes Founders & CEO’s Make In Mid-Size Companies

Founders and CEO’s of mid-size organizations commit the same hiring mistakes that many hiring managers make. Regardless of size and stage of growth, these hiring mistakes are made because of the way people and companies traditionally approach the employment process. Here are 6 common hiring mistakes that founders & CEO’s make at mid-size companies: Making…

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What Executive Recruiters Look For On A Resume

How do executive recruiters absorb a resume when they receive one? What do executive recruiters look for on a resume to determine whether to follow up? We asked several executive recruiters what they look for on a resume for senior to leadership level opportunities and summarized their quotes below. Note: Most recruiters mentioned that they…

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How Executive Search Firms Find Great Candidates

15 Remarkable CEO Interview Questions

  The other day a friend asked about how executive search firms find great candidates. They asked, “What are some ways headhunters source resumes and contacts? Do recruiters using specific advanced Boolean operators? What do they search for on LinkedIn? What are some recruitment hacks I can try on my own?” For the record, most…

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