Is your company seeking to hire a Vice President of Technology? Each company will approach the hiring process differently.

Companies have certain skills and traits they desire in a new VP of Technology.

Regardless of the preference of each company, the process remains the same in general. The following methods will help you learn how to hire a VP of Technology.


5 Tips to Hire a VP of Technology

1. Find an executive search firm

Hiring an executive search firm to recruit a VP of Technology will save you time and effort. Revamping your company’s LinkedIn profile and spending hours posting to tech-specific job boards isn’t necessary.

Leadership search and development firms are experienced and understand the industry. They’ll be able to find a candidate that meets your company’s requirements and purpose.

Additionally, your partnered firm can help you determine the right time to hire a VP of Technology. To gain an understanding of the right time to hire your new leader, consider the following four indicators:

  • Your company needs a strategic leader to ease the workload.

Is your technology team in need of direction with new projects? Perhaps things are starting to get disorganized, and there has been a feeling of disconnection and chaos for a few months now. A VP of Technology can come in and provide strategic vision to the team.

  • The entire company needs a complete tech upgrade.

Successful companies in many industries build on the foundation of innovation and cutting-edge technology. Investing in the latest tech isn’t about gadgets and gizmos, it’s about equipping your team with what they need to succeed.

  • Your current technology team needs a leader.

A VP of Technology will be involved in both the technology and business areas of the company. They will work towards the goals set by company executives, while also leading the strategic initiatives of the research, development, and IT departments.

  • There’s a desire to propel the business forward.

With the right VP of Technology, your team will develop innovative strategic initiatives to meet operational goals. This shift in productivity will lead to competitive advantage, service quality improvement, improvement of cost-effectiveness, and a boost in productivity and efficiency.

2. Talk to every relevant connection

Communicate your need to connections, and ask them to share it with their connections. If you’re offering a great opportunity, people will naturally start to spread the word with their friends.

In addition to new connections, personally reach out to your network. In the era of viral content, you might be surprised at how many potential VPs you know already.

3. Keep an eye on the industry

Startups go out of business every day, but just because the startup didn’t succeed, it doesn’t necessarily mean they lacked high performers. Stay on the lookout for startup shutdowns, and build relationships with those who were let go.

Even if they aren’t a good fit for your company, they may run into someone on the job search who is perfect for your team. Because you took the time to show interest, they might remember to share your opportunity with others.

Keeping an eye on the industry can also give you an idea about compensation. Don’t be afraid to do a bit of digging.

Your network might be a valuable source to help you make a decision. Ask what they’re paying, including both salary and benefits, their VP of Technology. There are also online resources you can use to gauge a general salary range to expect for the position.

4. Get creative with your approach

If you’ve tried all the above tactics without any luck, you may need to get a bit creative.

Instead of thinking about this as recruiting, think of it as marketing. How could you publish creative content to capture the attention of your perfect recruit?

Once you’ve created the content, test Facebook and LinkedIn ads to help spread the word about your job opening.

5. Know what your ideal candidate looks like

To attract the right candidates, a summary to properly articulate what you’re looking for from this new team member is necessary.

If you’re uncertain of what to look for in a VP of Technology, begin by examining a candidate’s experience and knowledge in the industry. A strong VP of Technology will know the latest innovations in your industry, and should also have a few specific observations about your company’s place in the market.

Some of the responsibilities of a VP of Technology are developing strategies, outlining innovations, and bringing these ideas to life. Thus, creativity is necessary for this role. After all, someone with a creative mind will have an easier time figuring out how to implement new technology in your business.

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