As a purpose based executive search firm, Y Scouts often finds companies a successful Chief Operating Officer. But how do you decide when to hire a COO for your company?

There are a lot of points to consider when it comes to hiring an executive. When do you start searching, and how do you know that new leadership will help move your company forward? These questions can be tough to answer when you’re trying to hire a chief operating officer. In order to help you decide when to hire a COO, here are four signs that it’s time to start the search.

1. You’re spending more time managing than improving
When you’re spending all of your time making sure everything runs smoothly, you have less time to brainstorm new ways to push your company forward. If you’re too busy making sure your business stays afloat, consider hiring a COO. A chief operating officer can take control of the daily workings of your company, giving you more time to analyze where your business is going and how you can help it get there.

2. Your CEO is overwhelmed
You can’t expect the CEO of a company to do everything. There are only so many hours in a day, and your CEO is most likely not an expert in every skill. Asking too much of the CEO can lead to a stressful work environment and poor performance.

If your CEO has too much work on his or her plate, consider hiring a COO to help them out. By hiring a COO, you can relieve some pressure from the CEO, which can create a more relaxed work environment. Hiring a COO with different skills than your CEO also allows both executives to pursue ideas suited to their strengths, which can be a huge benefit for your organization.

3. You want to strengthen your company’s leadership
If you’re looking for new inspiration in the workplace, thinking about searching for a chief operating officer. A COO is responsible for managing your company, and therefore can change the way your company runs. By finding an influential COO who shares your company’s purpose, you can help your organization focus on what matters to you.

4. You need someone to execute ideas
If your current staff has wonderful ideas, but struggles with implementation, it might be time to hire a COO. Because a chief operating officer oversees the general operation of a company, they have experience executing orders. A qualified COO will understand the purpose behind the company’s decisions, while ensuring that all plans are carried out to their fullest potential.

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Tips on When to Hire a COO
When to Hire a COO

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