After you’ve decided when to hire a COO and what to look for in a COO, it’s time to start conducting the search. If you don’t know how to hire a COO, starting the search process may seem daunting.

There are many ways your company can search for a chief operating officer. Here are five techniques that you can use if you’re wondering how to hire a COO.

1. Hire an executive search firm

If you’re struggling to find out how to hire a COO, you may want to consider using an executive search firm. At an executive search firm, you’ll find recruiters who understand the job market, know how to find potential candidates, and have experience conducting interviews for high-ranking job positions. The experience of an executive search firm can be helpful in the search process.

Hiring an executive search firm can also save you time during the search process. By using an executive search firm, you can spend your time working rather than seeking out and interviewing potential hires. By offering experience and saving your time, an executive search firm can ease some of the stress that comes with trying to hire a COO.

2. Reach out

When searching for a COO, start by reaching out to people in your professional circle. People in your professional network may know someone with the expertise your company is searching for, and they can help you establish a connection. When you’ve connected to a potential COO through a mutual contact, forming a relationship may be more comfortable.

If your in-person contacts cannot connect you to any candidates, consider networking online. Professional networking websites such as LinkedIn can be a great resource when you’re trying to hire a chief operating officer.

3. Speak with a candidate’s references

If you’ve asked a potential COO to provide you with a list of references, be sure to speak with some of them. A previous employer may be able to tell you information about the candidate – good or bad – that you may not have learned during the interview process. A reference can help explain items on a candidate’s resume, or they may provide some insight into a candidate’s work personality. Either way, speaking to references can help you decide whether or not someone is capable of becoming your company’s chief operating officer.

4. Take your time

Though you may be anxious to find a new chief operating officer, try not to rush the search process. Schedule lots of time to find the best candidates for the position and conduct multiple interviews in order to find a COO that truly fits in to your company. If you take extra time to ensure your candidate is a perfect fit, you will ultimately be happier with your new COO.

5. Know what your company needs

It’s important to know what to look for in a COO before you start the search process. Evaluate the work experience and personal qualities you want in a COO, and write up a detailed job description. Knowing what your company wants in a chief operating officer is crucial to finding the best candidate.

If you’ve evaluated your company’s needs, conducted a search for a lengthy amount of time, and still have not found any suitable candidates, consider reevaluating your search criteria. When you’re learning how to hire a COO, it’s important to make sure that your expectations are reasonable. Consider reevaluating the effectiveness of your job description so you can find the perfect chief operating officer for your company.

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