Built On Purpose Podcast

with Y Scouts’ CEO & Co-Founder Max Hansen

Aaron Hurst

Aaron Hurst Podcast Interview – CEO of Imperative

By Yscouts | January 20, 2017

Today we’re interviewing Aaron Hurst, the co-founder & CEO of Imperative, and the author of The Purpose Economy. Aaron has been wired to challenge the status quo from a very early age. He sees opportunity and potential in every direction, and by his own admission is a bit of a troublemaker. During Aaron’s childhood, he moved around a lot…

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hiring a team player

How To Tell If You’re Truly Hiring A Team Player

By Yscouts | January 18, 2017

How can you tell if you’re really hiring a team player? The interview process alone can’t possibly reveal that — so it requires delving a little bit deeper to find employees who pull their own weight and more. We asked leaders from all over to answer this question: “How do you know you are truly hiring…

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Brett Hurt

Brett Hurt Podcast – Co-Founder & CEO of data.world

By Yscouts | January 16, 2017

Today, we are interviewing Brett Hurt, the co-founder and CEO of data.world. To say Brett has accomplished a lot at a relatively young age would be an understatement. Brett has been a part of launching five start-ups, and, with the help of three co-founders, has just launched his sixth. Brett grew up in a household of entrepreneurs.…

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Corey Michael Blake

Corey Michael Blake Podcast – CEO, Speaker, Storyteller

By Yscouts | January 6, 2017

 Today, we’re interviewing Corey Michael Blake. It’s difficult to put a label on Corey — he’s many things: an entrepreneur, an actor, a director, a storyteller, a CEO, and an all-around great guy. I might add — I’m giving him the title of having the most contagious laugh of all time, something you’ll get…

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product manager interview questions

Best 6 Product Manager Interview Questions

By Yscouts | December 23, 2016

Are you looking to hire a project manager to propel your company forward and make revenue goals come to fruition? Take a look at the top product manager interview questions to pose during your next hiring cycle. Best Product Manager Interview Questions Tell me about recent product launches in your last role and how you determined their success or…

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business development interview questions

Top 7 Business Development Interview Questions

By Yscouts | December 23, 2016

If you’re looking to add a business development manager to your company, the first step is to ace the interview. Asking the right business development interview questions ensures you’re choosing the right candidate for the role. Take a look at some of the most important topics to cover when interviewing a business development manager candidate. Top Business…

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Marketing Director Interview Questions

Top 8 Marketing Director Interview Questions

By Yscouts | December 21, 2016

Looking to hire a marketing director to propel your business forward? We’ve collected a few of the top marketing director interview questions to pose to a candidate. The marketing director is responsible for interpreting market data while developing and guiding the marketing staff. Candidates must create excellent marketing strategies, motivate the team and also pinpoint room for improvement. A candidate…

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Top 8 Social Media Manager Interview Questions

Top 8 Social Media Manager Interview Questions

By Yscouts | December 19, 2016

Looking to hire a new Social Media Manager, but not sure where to start with getting to know the candidates during the interview? Well, start here—because we have some social media manager interview questions that are sure to get the answers you’re looking for (or not looking for). Top Social Media Manager Interview Questions What online…

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Gavin Armstrong Podcast Interview – Founder & CEO of Lucky Iron Fish

By Yscouts | December 12, 2016

Today we’re interviewing Gavin Armstrong, the Founder & CEO of Lucky Iron Fish. As a young kid, Gavin was bullied extensively, and he channeled those negative experiences into a strong drive to become a success in the world of high finance. During his university experience, he volunteered in refugee camps in north Kenya and saw…

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Detecting Deception & Lies In The Recruitment Process

By Yscouts | November 30, 2016

Recruiting can be tough. But it’s even tougher when you detect a red flag during your interactions with a candidate. This comprehensive guide will help you determine if a candidate you’re attempting to recruit might be fooling you. Detecting Lies In The Recruitment Process Zeroing In On Any Non-Specifics As a general rule of thumb—and it may…

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