Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Checklist: Do You Have These Five Traits?

five traits of emotional intelligence in leadership

Everyone wants emotionally intelligent leadership. Such leaders are the ones who can successfully manage stress, bounce back from setbacks and keep teams positive and moving forward. Through their understanding of communication, problem-solving and people management, they bring professionalism and civility to the workplace.  Emotionally intelligent leaders can bring out the best in people. They are…

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The Traits of Great Cannabis Executives

While still an emerging industry, it can sometimes be a challenge to find the best cannabis executives — but they’re out there! We’re sharing some common traits to look for when searching for the next great leader for your business.

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The Impact of the B Corp Movement Spans all Industries and Functions

the impact of the b corp movement

From the BlackRock Letter to Fortune magazine, the B Corp movement is in the news. Y Scouts is proud to be a Certified B Corp and a member of this growing community dedicated to using business as a force for good. We’re thrilled to exclusively support clients and candidates who prioritize purpose, mission, and values.…

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