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Y Scouts is an executive search firm in Phoenix that finds exceptional leaders for nonprofits and social enterprises.

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Y Scouts is the executive search firm organizations in Phoenix trust when they need leadership talent.

Y Scouts is a non profit executive search firm that helps nonprofits and social enterprises find exceptional leaders. As a certified B Corporation, Y Scouts works exclusively with purpose-driven non profit organizations and social enterprises in search of critical leadership roles.

Y Scouts has pioneered a revolutionary approach to identify exceptional leaders and match them to the positions you need.

Phase I: Research & Planning

Harvard Business Review reports that 80% of employee turnover is a result of bad hiring decisions. One major factor that contributes to bad hiring decisions is not knowing exactly who you are looking to find. This is where we come in.

Discover the power of our Exceptional Leadership process and the impact it has on achieving the best possible outcome. Our proven 6-step research & planning process is used to define the critical elements required of every successful search project. The best possible outcome can only be achieved when you know precisely who you are looking for.

Phase II: Targeting & Alignment

Exceptional Leadership is rare.

It is a unique combination of purpose & values alignment, modern functional expertise, and a proven track record of the 3 most in-demand leadership behaviors:

1.) Driving Results
2.) Developing Others
3.) Learning Relentlessly

Discover the power of our Exceptional Leadership model (seen on the right) and the positive impact it will deliver to you and your entire stakeholder community.

Phase III: Finalist Selection & Onboarding

The Exceptional Leader Finalist Presentation we submit to you will include each individual’s:

  • Purpose & Values Profile
  • Career History (including details leading to each transition)
  • High-Impact Success Outcomes & Achievements
  • Exceptional Leadership Profile
  • Detailed Reference Summaries
  • Scientific-based Behavioral Profile with Gap Analysis

In addition to each Exceptional Leader Finalist Presentation, we are pleased to offer additional services including:

  • Suggested Interview Staging Process
  • Interview Scheduling/Coordination
  • Interview Guide/Rubric
  • Offer Package Negotiation
  • Onboarding/Coaching
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Linda Volhein

Found New CEO With Great Results

I have had a great experience working with Paul and Y Scouts. Paul has led our agency through the recruitment process for a new CEO with great results. He is knowledgeable, helpful, always available to support us through all of the decision points we encountered. I recommend Paul as someone who will get results, but also someone you will enjoy working with.

Linda VolheinInterim CEO at Youth Evaluation and Treatment Centers | Valley Clinical Services