Max Hansen

CEO & Co-Founder

My favorite core value is "learn relentlessly"

I have dedicated the last two decades of my life to providing the best hiring practices in leadership search and consulting. I was fortunate that my first job after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree from Northern Arizona in Business Administration was with the Fortune 50 Recruiting firm Allegis Group / Aerotek. This experience provided me a solid foundation for understanding both best in class business systems and selection processes.

In January of 2002, I founded my first recruiting/search firm, Job Brokers, Inc. Together with my team, we went on to hire more than 30,000 people across a wide swath of industries including engineering, manufacturing, education, healthcare, distribution, mining, finance, technology, and apparel. We proudly grew our annual revenues in excess of $35 million and expanded into other divisions and brands. The most notable being Y Scouts in 2012.

Why Y Scouts? Somewhere along the line in 2010-2011, the traditional contingent hiring model wasn’t allowing me to help organizations solve the deeper rooted issues they were facing around their hiring practices. My desire to help organizations with the root of their challenges, along with the lack of meaning in my work, pushed me to create the first ever purpose-based leadership search firm. In 2015, I sold all my interests in three traditional recruiting companies to more aggressively pursue building Y Scouts and Purposed-based Leadership Search.

I am incredibly proud to be part of the Purpose Movement and a founding member of the Y Scouts team. I love the personal development I benefit from while working with Conscious Leaders. I enjoy helping them and their organizations continuously improve and succeed as high performing cultures and teams. The root of our work goes deeper – towards individual purpose, building true relationships, relentless learning, love, and their ultimate intersection.

The only sustainable business strategy is hiring the right leaders and team members. I find it fascinating that as our world gets more complex with technological breakthroughs, the demand for great leaders and people is at an all-time high.

A little more about Max:

  • Husband to Bryna aka Queen B and loving Father/Stepfather to 5 amazing kids.
  • Interested in anything that involves going fast with the possibility of catching air
  • An avid golfer and played or coached football, basketball, baseball, and soccer.
  • Seahawks Fan – Go Hawks!
  • Capable of spinning pretty much anything on my finger
  • Snowboarder since the first air Burton Air Snowboard
  • 2015 Spirit of the Gumball winner
  • Enjoys traveling across states as well as across countries
  • Would take anyone on in backgammon