The executive recruiting process Y Scouts employs involves 3 distinct discovery phases: Purpose, Personality and Profession Discovery.

Y Scouts is a purpose based executive search firm that helps organizations recruit leadership talent. We believe that people are the only real competitive advantage in business. That’s why Y Scouts invests in understanding our client’s purpose, culture, competitive landscape, challenges and people. Our executive recruiting process involves 3 distinct discovery phases:

Purpose Discovery

The Purpose Discovery Phase is conducted through a series of electronic and personal discussions. The difference is that our interviews aren’t conducted with a specific job or company as the “prize.” Our experience shows that once a candidate has seen the details of the job and company, they are able to ‘customize’ their answers to interview questions and attempt to appear more suited to the role for which they are interviewing. By removing the specific job details as the main focal point during this initial phase, we are able to understand the desires, motivations, passions, and purpose of each individual. The answers we hear provide a significant level of depth, honesty and transparency that is unachievable when the details of the job have already been revealed.

Personality Discovery

The Personality Discovery Phase begins with a brainstorming session with the key stakeholders of the organization who understand and can articulate why the role looking to be filled exists. Throughout this phase, the Y Scouts team facilitates a process that yields the required personality mix of competencies, motivators and behaviors necessary for success in the role. Once the ideal personality footprint is identified, potential candidates who have significant purpose alignment are measured against the personality benchmark. All candidates are required to complete the online benchmarking assessment to ensure they have the appropriate personality ‘DNA’ to be successful in the role.

Profession Discovery

The Profession Discovery Phase focuses on the professional background, experiences, skills, education milestones, interview performance, and reference validation. This phase either confirms or denies the likelihood of whether or not a potential candidate will be formally submitted as a top performer. Most executive search firms begin and end their candidate vetting process by solely using this phase. The purpose based approach Y Scouts takes puts this phase at the end.

Executive Recruiting Process

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