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Human Resources (HR) provides the foundation for every successful organization. The policies and procedures, training and development, workplace culture, and benefits you implement for your employees set the tone for the future of your company. That’s why the leadership you choose for the Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) is crucial.

Devoting precious resources to an extensive CHRO search may prove challenging for many companies. Current organizational leadership should be able to dedicate their resources to driving the company mission forward. Hiring trends and competitive talent acquisition frequently change, too.

HR is vital for any successful organization, shaping policies, culture, and employee benefits.

Y Scouts specializes in identifying values-driven and performance-proven leaders for your organization. As a CHRO executive search industry leader, we are dedicated to understanding your company's "why" and driving vision. Through our proven process, we develop lasting client partnerships to ensure purpose-driven leadership and successful future organizational growth

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Understanding the role of a CHRO

A CHRO is essential in any successful company, shaping the human capital strategy and creating a positive, thriving workplace culture. This key role is vital across all industries, ensuring the right candidate aligns with your company’s values and vision.

From implementing cutting-edge talent acquisition strategies to championing diversity and inclusion initiatives, the CHRO's influence impacts every aspect of an organization. The right candidate can lead with inspiration and guide your company to its full potential.

A successful CHRO will possess the following traits:

  • Ability to utilize data analytics
  • Consistent and effective communication skills
  • Expertise in building relationships with board members and stakeholders
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Financial acumen
  • Purpose-based drive to lead organizational change
  • Track record of successful HR strategy implementation
Y Scouts devised a unique search approach that goes beyond traditional job descriptions for talent acquisition.

How Y Scouts finds top HR officer leadership 

Y Scouts is a small but mighty boutique firm that stands out from the CHRO executive search competition. Our foundational model, expertise, client partnerships, and dedication allow us a unique industry position that matches companies with C-suite candidates that specifically fill their needs. 

We understand how vital and limited your resources can be, and the challenge of the devotion an executive search demands. That’s why we’ve created a stand-alone search strategy that exceeds a simple job description for talent acquisition. 

Matching CHRO companies and candidates with work that matters

The CHRO executive search team at Y Scouts will build an impactful relationship with you that allows us to thoroughly understand your company vision, values, and overall mission. We’re dedicated to connecting you with CHRO candidates who can immediately contribute to impactful, inspiring leadership.

Successful CHRO placement through Y Scouts is based on connecting your company with candidates who can collaborate with you in work that matters.

The first purpose-driven executive search firm

Y Scouts is the first purpose-driven executive search firm in the global industry. Here’s what that means:

  • We will get to know your company’s “why.”
  • We’ll proactively look for candidates based not only on job qualifications but how their personal and professional traits and expertise match your why. 
  • We’ll ensure any candidates we match with your company align with both your soft and hard skill needs.
Y Scouts' CHRO team forms a strong bond with you to grasp your company's vision and values.

Y Scouts 3 uniques

We operate on a purpose-driven foundation that allows us to stand out from the competition. This foundation is built on specific, innovative search methods that enable our team to truly get to know your company and align top-tier candidates with your leadership roles. 

Y Scouts has three unique processes to match the right CHRO with your vision, values, and needs.   

Role Visioning & Success Outcome

Role Visioning & Success Outcome is the Y Scouts proprietary process that helps you define in detail how a successful CHRO will operate in your organization. We complete this process through the following steps: 

  • We’ll brainstorm with you to simplify the definition of the role a CHRO will play in your company. This includes defining the three most vital success outcomes you need a CHRO to achieve within 12-18 months.
  • We discover the DNA of your company. What makes your company culture unique? What qualities will a leadership candidate need to align with the culture and vision you’ve created? 

We’ll hold a collaborative strategy session with your leadership team to get to know your DNA and discern what success will look like for your next CHRO.

  • A cross-section of your workforce, chosen from every department in your company, completes a thorough Company DNA Assessment with extensive feedback and descriptions of how company leadership operates, and the unique workplace culture your company offers.

We then meet with 2-5 company leaders to explore the specific strategies that your future CHRO should implement.

Covert Discovery Process

Our CHRO searches are entirely outbound. This means that we don’t attract C-suite talent through job postings. Instead, Y Scouts strategically targets leadership candidates who can make an immediate leadership impact in your organization.

We proactively search for executives who can meet your soft and hard skill needs, and who share your core values. But even more than that, when we first engage with candidates, we don’t disclose the name of your company or the exact title we are searching for. This purpose-based search allows us to find candidates who can lead your HR department and workforce to a successful future.

Our covert discovery process allows us to find the “why” of potential CHRO candidates, and understand what matters to them professionally and personally. We conduct an informal, 30-minute interview and ask candidates to tell us their story. This helps to prevent canned, professional responses since they don’t have the “answers to the test” by researching your company first or perfecting their answers to match your job description. This strategy allows us to find out one thing…the truth.

When people shed their professional masks, we get to know who they really are which helps us to make a thorough match assessment. Our candidates don’t know which companies we might connect them with — their unplanned responses to interview questions allow us to discover their compatibility with your company before the formal interview process begins. 

Leadership Model for Hiring on Purpose

Finally, the Y Scouts groundbreaking Leadership Model for Hiring on Purpose, developed by neuroscientist, Dr. Robert Cooper, helps us to vet talented, proven CHRO leaders for the formal interview process.

Dr. Cooper researched the shared qualities of the greatest global leaders and developed this leadership model based on the shared traits that most contribute to their consistent, elevated, and effective leadership.   

By researching and analyzing the previous C-suite level roles held by potential CHRO candidates, and how they’ve driven inspiration and proven results through these roles, we highlight the proof points of your next potential CHRO.

At Y Scouts, we find leaders who:

  • Are relentless learners with an insatiable hunger for knowledge
  • Have a history of driving results in their current and past positions
  • Have a track record of developing other leaders

Every successful and true A-Player candidate will have clear examples of how each of these traits has shown up in their past roles within their career.

Check out a digital copy of the Y Scouts book, Hiring on Purpose.

Y Scouts Client Portal

The Y Scouts client portal offers unparalleled transparency and access to our Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This system allows clients to see every step of their specific search, including which candidates are being considered, who is progressing, and who has been declined. Clients can view detailed notes from conversations, full candidate profiles, and assess whether a candidate is a potential fit for their company.

Unlike most firms that keep their ATS activities hidden, leaving clients in the dark, Y Scouts provides full visibility into the search process. Clients can also leave comments about candidates, indicating what they like or want to explore further. This exclusive access is restricted to approved individuals within the hiring committee, ensuring privacy and security.

Our clients appreciate this unique aspect of our process, often expressing how valuable it is to stay informed and engaged. They no longer feel left out of the loop, waiting weeks without updates, but instead, have ongoing transparent access and involvement in the search for top-tier candidates. This approach ensures a collaborative and effective hiring process.

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Y Scouts CHRO executive search firm collaborates with you to provide customized, cost-effective solutions to find the right leaders to lead your company into a successful future. Every CHRO search is different. You need an executive search partner that understands your company’s vision and cares about your success.

Hiring trends for executive leadership constantly evolve, and Y Scouts is committed to utilizing our unique methods to stay on top of these trends and give your company the competitive edge needed to attract and retain top CHRO talent.

Our decades of experience, the Y Scouts innovative purpose-driven business model, and access to over 1 billion candidate profiles result in successful executive search matches across industries that include CHROs, CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, and more.

You deserve to find top human resources leaders to help lead your organization to future growth and a thriving company culture. The Y Scouts commitment to quality,transparency, and white-glove service in executive search processes leads to lasting client relationships.

Your future CRO who is purpose-driven and mission-aligned is only a connection away. 

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