Y Scouts is a startup recruitment agency that represents the best startups, executives and innovators in Phoenix.

Startup Recruitment AgencyWe believe startups have the greatest potential to change the world. That’s why we decided to start up a startup recruitment agency.

The future success of startups is most dependent on the talent brought in to build the company in the early stages.

At Y Scouts, our own experiences at startups have allowed us to specialize in placing people in full-time roles at companies who are in the startup phase.

It’s our hope that the talent we provide puts a company over the top and onto the path to making a difference.

If you’re bootstrapping and think that you can’t afford a startup recruitment agency, give us a call and let’s see if we can work out a deal. We’ve considered equity for searches in the past.

Keep reading to learn more about our startup team here at Y Scouts.

Max Hansen, Co-Founder & CEO

Startup Recruitment Agency Phoenix - Max Hansen

Max has been lucky enough to spend his entire career focusing on putting people to work.

His experiences range from working at a multi-billion dollar staffing company to organically growing Job Brokers from the ground up.

Max co-founded Job Brokers in January of 2002 and has grown Job Brokers into a formidable multi-million dollar staffing company.

Additionally, he has worked nearly every type of position in almost every industry over his career in the recruiting industry.

Max has come to realize the most gratifying feeling in the recruiting business is connecting passionate clients and candidates with a purpose.

This ultimately led him to understand his “why” of helping other executives discover their why.

Brian Mohr, Co-Founder

Start Up Recruitment Agency Phoenix - Brian Mohr

Brian began his post-college career in July of 1995; however, Brian believes his real career started in February of 2000.

Joining a small employment technology start-up by the name of Jobing.com, Brian was lucky enough to be one of the founding members of the company.

He spent more than 10 years building the company from a small handful of employees to more than 375 with revenues reaching north of $37MM.

Building the Jobing.com team and consulting with thousands of employers, Brian quickly recognized that people are the only real competitive advantage in business.

Even more powerful, Brian realized if employees and companies connected on their bigger mission or purpose (the ‘Why’), the probability for success grows exponentially.

After having his fair share of working with executive headhunters in Phoenix, Brian connected with Max and Brett.

Together, they then decided to create a new search firm dedicated to connecting people and companies whose ‘Why’ are in alignment.

As a founding member of Y Scouts, Brian passionately believes the high currency in today’s employment market is meaningful. He feels this work has a significant value and thus, that value is not just found in a paycheck.

If you’re looking to fill a pivotal role within your startup, fill out the form below and we can help you bring on a difference maker.