Top 10 VP of Sales Interview Questions

VP of Sales Interview Questions


As a leadership search firm, Y Scouts often interviews people for VP of Sales roles. We examine a number of things throughout our evaluations, with special emphasis on Purpose, Values, Functional Expertise, Results, Personnel Development and Learning. Learn more about our process here.

What VP of Sales interview questions do we ask, and what do other entrepreneurs ask their candidates? We decided to ask our Leadership Community what their favorite question to ask a potential new hire looking for a VP of Sales role, and why? Here’s the summary.

What is the one thing you would change about the company if you could today?
I love to ask this question to find out how much they’ve thought about my business. The answer isn’t super important. What is important is that it is thoughtful.

What are your communication skills like?
I generally like to question his or her communication skills. If someone’s going to join my organization immediately in a senior role, they have to know how to effectively communicate with myself, their colleagues, and direct reports. This is a must if they’re joining my company as an executive.

What brought you here?
It helps me identify the journey and their sense of the situation from the get go. Most people who are trying to impress you will be more than happy to give you a syllabus of their credentials as to why. But the gems are usually the ones that answer with something simple and impactful like, “Let me show you why…”

How big a team do you think we need right now, given what you know?
If they can’t answer, they may not be the right choice.

Tell me about the teams you’ve directly managed, and how you built them.
If they can’t describe how they’ve built a team, chances are they probably can’t build out their process.

What will my revenues look like 120 days after I hire you?
See if they can explain what will happen, but more importantly, how it will happen. There are many wrong answers to this question, but never a correct one.

What are ten things you can do with duct tape?
Great sales people get creative and see multiple uses for your product depending on the customer. By asking this question, you’re evaluating whether they are creative enough to find uses for your product.

Sell me my product.
Have them go through a sales pitch with you. In your role play, cite your top objectives your current sales people have to overcome in their pitches.

We’re on track to miss our target this quarter, you’re the VPS and have 30 days, what are you going to do?
Evaluate how they operate.

Can you please tell me in your own words what we do?
This question quickly separates individuals who are committed and passionate to our vision from those who are simply looking for a job. We find that our best hires have thoroughly researched us, determined the general and specific impact(s) they could have on the organization, and expressed this to us confidently in their first interview.

What VP of Sales interview questions have you been asked? Leave your questions in the comments below.

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