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15 Incredible CFO Interview Questions

15 Must-Ask CFO Interview Questions

By Yscouts | June 16, 2014

As an executive search firm, we help place CFO’s at nonprofits and social enterprises. The recruiters here at Y Scouts try to understand a number of things about a CFO candidate – their purpose, values, career history, the high-impact success outcomes and achievements a CFO has had in their career – and a lot more.…

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Top 10 Characteristics of Well-Functioning Teams

By Yscouts | May 8, 2014

Teamwork is important on any job site. To maximize your team’s ability to work together, strive for these characteristics of well-functioning teams. Most jobs require employees to engage in some amount of teamwork. Usually, this leads to multiple qualified minds working on the same goal. However, teamwork can occasionally go awry. In order to help…

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Guy Mikkelsen, President & CEO – The Foundation For Senior Living

By Yscouts | April 4, 2014

This is a transcribed interview with Guy Mikkelsen, President & CEO at The Foundation For Senior Living. The Foundation for Senior Living is a nonprofit that strives to provide exceptional services, education and advocacy in order to preserve independence and enhance the quality of life for all seniors, adults with disabilities and their caregivers. This…

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15 Extraordinary COO Interview Questions

15 Important Questions for Executive-Level Interviews

By Yscouts | February 13, 2014

As an executive search firm, we are constantly asking questions to help us connect the dots between an organization’s leadership needs and an individual’s leadership capabilities. The process of hiring to achieve the best possible outcome for every role begins long before the interview process. Here are a few executive interview questions you need to…

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7 Apps To Make You A More Productive Leader

By Yscouts | February 12, 2014

What apps can make you a more productive leader? There are several out there. Here are 7 apps – one for each day of the week – that you can try out for your business. TINYpulse TINYpulse sends out a 1-question weekly anonymous survey to everyone at a company. Stay informed of company issues before…

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Top 5 Questions To Ask When Creating Company Core Values

By Yscouts | January 15, 2014

The team here at Y Scouts is currently undertaking a fun and important task: defining our company core values. It’s been about two years since we founded our purpose-based leadership search firm. We figured with the growth of our team and with the growth ahead of us, it’d be a great time to revisit the…

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Top 10 Hiring Quotes

By Yscouts | February 28, 2013

Hiring quotes can be a good way to not lose sight of the big picture. Your company depends on hiring the right people who have a blend of purpose, personality and professional skills. To help you hire the right people to grow your business, here are 10 Top Hiring Quotes. 10. “Human Resources isn’t a…

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5 Ways To Increase Employee Retention Through Purpose Based Recruiting

By Yscouts | February 21, 2013

Max Hansen, co-founder of Y Scouts, shares 5 ways to increase employee retention through a purpose based recruiting method. Ask any entrepreneur to explain his or her biggest struggle, and you’ll hear one answer more often than any other – finding and retaining the best talent. Let’s face it, at the end the day, the…

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How To Make Your Facebook Profile Attractive To Recruiters

By Yscouts | December 26, 2012

With as many as 73% of recruiters looking at your social media profiles when analyzing job candidates, now is the perfect time of year to clean up your Facebook profile. Here are 5 simple things to do in order to make your Facebook profile attractive to the recruiters who are considering you for a job.…

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What is Simon Sinek’s why?

By Yscouts | October 24, 2012

Y Scouts had the opportunity to meet with Simon Sinek last night and attend Simon’s “Start With Why” talk at ASU. Naturally, we were curious to ask Simon one question, “What’s your why?” Here’s what Simon had to say, “Inspire people to do the things that inspire them!” [fusion_alert type=”general” class=”custom-fusion-alert-grey”]Y Scouts is an executive…

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