The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

In today’s world, emotional intelligence is critical — especially in the leadership realm. At Y Scouts, we can help your organization find exceptional and emotionally intelligent leaders that traditional hiring methods cannot.

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Will Working in the Cannabis Industry Damage Your Personal Brand as a Leader?

cannabis and personal marketing

It’s official. Cannabis is becoming more mainstream. Does that mean you should consider a job in the industry? Some executives may hesitate to work for a cannabis company until they gain a full understanding of how it fits in with their personal marketing plan and career aspirations.  Cannabis experience can be a valuable addition to…

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Phoenix Distributors Managing Partner, Chris Finelli

Chris has held both sales and leadership positions in the investment management as well as executive leadership positions in the cannabis industry. In his current role, Chris is the Managing Partner of Phoenix Distributors, a sales and marketing as a service company for the cannabis industry. Phoenix Distributors focuses on helping Cannabis and CBD operators…

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The Traits of Great Cannabis Executives

While still an emerging industry, it can sometimes be a challenge to find the best cannabis executives — but they’re out there! We’re sharing some common traits to look for when searching for the next great leader for your business.

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Evo Hemp Co-Founders, Jourdan Samel & Ari Sherman

Ari Sherman and Jourdan Samel are Sales & Marketing executives in the natural products industry. Ari and Jourdan Co-Founded Hemp Health and natural foods brand Evo Hemp in 2012 to facilitate the evolution of the United States family farm. By establishing a supply chain of U.S. grown hemp, they’re working to revive the country’s agricultural system.…

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Ways To Attract More Diverse Cannabis Executives

One aspect of the cannabis business that is ripe for change relates to how it represents certain groups. From learning more about the industry to finding ways to join its community, here are some tips for diversifying the business for people of color and those who identify as LGBTQ.

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Flourish Software CEO, Colton Griffin

Colton Griffin, Flourish Software

Colton is CEO of Flourish Software, a leading supply chain management and seed to sale tracking software solution for the cannabis, CBD, and hemp verticals. Colton’s career and expertise are at the intersection of supply chain operations, enterprise software, and analytics. He graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a BS in Industrial Engineering.…

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5 Must-Have Qualities for Cannabis C-Suite Leaders


When it comes to talent strategies, cannabis companies are in a unique and somewhat difficult position. Because as they move through the business life cycle (from a start-up grow to scaling operation), there isn’t necessarily a pool of industry-experienced leaders to choose from.  That also means it’s not as easy as posting a job and…

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Tips To Live By To Find The Best Cannabis Candidates

Finding the perfect cannabis candidate

The right kind of legwork before interviewing executive candidates can have a great impact on who you may find. We’re sharing some expert advice on what you can do to find the best talent.

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