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We aren’t your typical firm – and we take your experience with us very seriously. If you are on this page, you either are searching for your next career, or you were recently contacted by a member of our Y Scouts team. No matter how you landed here, we have a few promises we want to make to you.

1. You are important to us, and we will always treat you with respect. While we aren’t always able to speak directly with everyone who joins our leadership community, we will treat your information appropriately.

2. We will work to curate content that adds value to you, and never send out spam.

3. We value your feedback and suggestions. If you have comments on a blog, podcast, newsletter or other Y Scouts experience, please let us know. We know we always have room to improve.

Please join our Leadership Community where our team connects open roles with the right candidate.

We’re driven by the belief that talent is the ultimate competitive advantage.

If you have received a phone call or email directly from us - we want you to understand our process.

First, we have a few additional promises for you:

1) We will always be transparent and upfront in our communications. This means we will provide you updates around your status as a candidate and timelines for next steps.

2) We only work with clients on a retained search model. That means we don’t send resumes hoping the company likes someone, we are the only firm working on a role.

3) We don’t reach out to a candidate just to “fill our database” – if we called you, it is for a specific reason.

We use a process we call “covert”. This means that we don’t share the name of the company, or the role we are speaking with you about, until we first talk about you. Your purpose, your goals, your dreams. Pretty unusual, we know. Our experience shows us that when focus on this first, we are able to really discover the best alignment for you and our client around culture and fit before getting into the specifics of the role.

Our final promise to you:

4) At the end of our discovery call, we will tell you everything – the organization we represent, the leadership role we are filling and all the details around it.

While it may seem untraditional, our candidates often learn a lot about themselves during this process too. We hope you enjoy it too.

There was a time when it was only about the resume when searching for a leader. Y Scouts has literally redefined executive recruiting to assure we have the right leader driving the bus.
Ann Rhoades, Founder/CEO, People Ink & Former Chief People Officer, Southwest Airlines
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