Built On Purpose Podcast

with Y Scouts’ CEO & Co-Founder Max Hansen

Episode 57 - J. Fife Symington IV - Co-Founder & Managing Director at Copperstate Farms

Copperstate Farms Managing Director, J. Fife Symington IV

By Yscouts | May 17, 2021

J. Fife Symington IV is an entrepreneur and Arizona native with more than three decades of experience in greenhouse agriculture. He serves as Managing Director of Copperstate Farms, a vertically integrated cannabis company he co-founded in 2016.  Symington’s agricultural pursuits began in the early 90’s. After graduating with honors from Harvard University, Symington spent time…

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Episode 56 - Kevin MacCauley - CEO & Founder of Upper Hand

Upper Hand Founder & CEO, Kevin MacCauley

By Max Hansen | April 23, 2021

Kevin is an active businessman and entrepreneur in the startup tech community. While attending Indiana University, he founded the nation’s first collegiate hosted mini marathon. He went on to serve as Sr. VP of Sales for venture-backed ClassWatch until it’s $15M acquisition in 2011. Kevin founded Upper Hand in 2012 after seeing an opportunity as…

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Episode 55 - John Oram - CEO & Founder of NUG

NUG Inc. CEO & Founder, John Oram

By Yscouts | March 19, 2021

Dr. Oram holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in environmental chemistry and engineering from the University of California Los Angeles and bachelor’s degrees in analytical chemistry and biochemistry from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Dr. Oram spent his research years studying the complex physical and chemical processes governing the fate of contaminants in the coastal environment. …

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Episode 54 - Vinay Tolia - CEO of Flowr Corporation

Flowr Corporation CEO, Vinay Tolia

By Yscouts | February 19, 2021

Born and raised in Michigan, Mr. Tolia attended the University of Michigan where he earned a BA in economics and BSE in Industrial and Operations Engineering,  He previously held roles with investment banking firms Peter J. Solomon Company and hedge fund Midtown Capital before co-founding Bengal Capital Trading LLC, a Chicago based hedge fund. While…

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Episode 53 - Giadha A. DeCarcer - New Frontier Data

New Frontier Data Founder and CEO, Giadha A. DeCarcer

By Yscouts | January 29, 2021

 Giadha A. DeCarcer is the Founder and CEO of New Frontier Data, the authority in data, analytics and business intelligence for the worldwide cannabis industry. An entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in business strategy, execution, management and business development, DeCarcer’s began her career in banking, and progressed to technology, data analytics, intelligence…

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Josh McCarter

Josh McCarter Podcast – CEO of Mindbody

By Max Hansen | December 5, 2020

 Josh McCarter, CEO of Mindbody, dives into what drives him, his triumphs, and his appreciation for life changes. Press play to discover more! ‘Mindbody emerged from the simple idea that small business owners deserve the time to focus on what matters most: their customers. Our software has transformed that vision into the world’s leading…

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Nathan Harris

Nathan Harris Podcast – CEO & Co-Founder of Ease

By Max Hansen | October 27, 2020

Nathan Harris, CEO, and co-founder of Ease, an AI-assisted global talent platform that connects leading companies with the world’s brightest people based on culture fit and allows you to collaborate remotely within our virtual workspace. Listen to find out how it all started! Interview Transcript Announcer: [0:03] Live, it’s the behind the resume podcast, with…

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Ian Lopatin

Ian Lopatin Podcast – Co-Founder of Spiritual Gangster

By Max Hansen | September 23, 2020

Ian Lopatin, co-founder of Spiritual Gangster, dives into how passion became a movement. Listen to find out his story and the success behind it. Interview Transcript Announcer: [0:03] Live, it’s the behind the resume podcast, with Y Scouts, Max Hansen, where you get to know the person behind the resume. The interesting stuff people never…

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9 Fresh Interview Questions to Reveal Culture Fit When Hiring C-Level / CxO Leadership Roles

By Yscouts | March 16, 2020

Every role in a company must be a culture fit. This is especially important the higher up you get in an organization as leaders set the tone for the organization. When hiring for a CxO leader, here are 9 helpful interview questions that will assist in determining their fit — both in skillset and core…

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8 Interviews Questions to Uncover the Person Behind the Resume

8 Interview Questions to Uncover the Person Behind the Resume

By Yscouts | January 27, 2020

We’ve all been there: that interview with the stale questions and canned answers that give each participant precisely zero information about who the other is and whether this opportunity is a fit for the candidate (and vice versa) or not. We can do better!  Develop interview questions that allow the candidate to be honest and…

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