Two Arizona nonprofit organizations that worked for decades to protect and help the community’s most vulnerable children and families. Dedicated to their vision of safe kids and strong families, the organizations offered programs and services like an emergency shelter for children; one of the largest foster care and adoption programs to license, train and certify individuals and families; as well as home visitation, counseling programs and family classes and workshops.


Two organizations with two long-standing CEOs were uniting into one company. The crux was that both executives were leaving for retirement. In addition to melding cultures and leadership styles, the two board of directors would need to come together to find a new CEO.


The ad hoc committee that represented both organizations decided this was a task for an expert agency. They chose Y Scouts in appreciation for their process of matching people to the right culture, philosophy and values.


After whittling down the search from 30 to three people, Y Scouts presented the final candidates, and the board of directors voted for their ideal CEO. It’s been a year since the successful candidate started leading the newly-united organization, and the new board of directors says their expectations have been exceeded. The new CEO’s leadership has helped bridge the transition from two different cultures into one effective team, inspiring unprecedented public support and resources that help reach thousands of vulnerable kids each year.

Y Scouts Leadership Search

Now more than ever, top companies are recognizing that in order to succeed and thrive – they must attract and retain the best talent in the marketplace. To be considered truly exceptional, people must be aligned to your organizations purpose and mission AND possess the skills and abilities to do the job. Most often, they aren’t actively looking for a new role. Getting them engaged and excited to make a switch takes relationships and expertise cultivated over time.

Y Scouts understands our clients and our candidates at a deep level and works to build to those relationships so the right introductions can be made, for today and tomorrow.

We help our clients build the systems to support these transitions and create a legacy of lasting success. Our purpose and drive is around changing the expectations of leadership search.