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You may be wondering where our open roles and current client list is located. One thing that differentiates Y Scouts from other Executive Search firms is one of our key principles: the Y Scouts Covert Discovery Process. We don’t publicize the clients we’re working with or the roles for which we’re hiring. Intentionally. We believe in learning about each of our candidates and allowing him/her to be fully authentic in who they are and what makes them unique, rather than feeling the pressure of trying to align to a specific role or company. 

By joining our Leadership Community, you’ve signaled to our team that you are open to hearing from us if, and only if one of our open roles looks like something you’d be qualified in. This does not guarantee someone will be reaching out. We are a small, but mighty team that works side by side with clients and then strategically seeks out candidates to fit client roles. In the meantime, we’ll continue sending interesting, relevant leadership content to hopefully excite and inspire you.


This is an incredibly momentous opportunity to join an industry ripe with change, regulation, innovation, challenges and a very real opportunity for impact on both the market and our society. Join this Leadership Community to be considered for executive opportunities in the cannabis industry.


CEO’s, President’s & Executive Directors

You are a visionary, creating the overall strategy for your company. Or perhaps you are responsible for implementing a growth strategy, overseeing P&L, and leading and optimizing people. If so, join this Leadership Community!


Finance & Accounting

You love the numbers! If you are the financial wizard responsible for financial reporting, assessing risks and opportunities, and setting and tracking financial goals, objectives, and budgets, this is your Leadership Community!


People & Culture

For you, it’s all about the people! You develop and execute human resource strategies in support of the overall business plan and strategic direction. Succession planning, talent management, change management, and performance management are your forte!


Social Impact

You are on a mission! You are a strategic planner, expert fundraiser, and marketer with an emphasis on community outreach. Here is your Leadership Community!



You keep a well-oiled machine by optimizing your company’s operating capabilities and employing the strategies that maximize customer satisfaction. Here is your Leadership Community!


Product Development & Technology

You are an expert in creating and improving products and services and bringing them to the market. You have strong analytical and technical skills and understand that the devil is in the details. Join this Leadership Community.


Sales & Marketing

You are the expert and champion for a product or service. You understand market trends and economic factors and create sales or marketing strategies around them. Here is the Leadership Community for you.



You guessed it – not sure of your perfect fit? Join here!


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When a team member walks into the office their hearts should enter with them. Fulfillment is looking forward to Mondays. It is feeling positive about what drives us to do our best and meaningful work. We believe work can have a positive impact, effect personal and professional growth, and improve relationships. When a team is aligned and passionate about the purpose of the business studies have shown that they are 30% more productive, retention is higher, and the outcomes are greater.

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Built on Purpose Podcast


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