Simplify your search with these three tips on how to hire a product manager for your company.

1. Define your standards

The first step to hiring a product manager for your company is knowing what you are looking for in a product manager. What are the skills and attributes that you are looking for in a product manager? Establish your standards. Similarly, develop a detailed and versatile list of skills and attributes that you need for your company. More specifically, a product manager should be able to effectively communicate the vision of your product. 

Whomever you hire as product manager should be experienced in selecting products, driving development, leading a creative team, and performing product management. If you are unsure how to  fill high-level positions, gather counsel from professionals in your industry. Therefore, utilize insight and mentorship from others to develop a set of standards and skills needed when hiring a product manager.

2. Utilize an executive search firm

If the idea of hiring a product manager for your company seems daunting, hire an executive search firm. Recruiters at executive search firms are well-versed in hiring the perfect product manager, and know exactly what the job requires. Many executive search firms are well-connected due to their experience and large list of contacts. Therefore, executive search firm’s expertise can immensely aid your organization when hiring a product manager.

3. Have a plan of action

It is vital after hiring a product manager to have a laid-out plan of action. It can be difficult for a team to adjust to new leadership. For this reason, create a plan of action that allows for a smooth transition. A plan of action allows for your product manager to figure out the ins-and-outs of the organization, and allows other employees to get to know the product manager. Thus, communicate with your staff to determine how the new product manager should learn about their position. Together, create a plan of action for a timely and smooth transition for the new product manager to get comfortable with your organization.


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