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The greatest competitive advantage comes from the alignment of brand purpose and a team that is inspired and empowered to fulfill it.

We find leaders

Traditional hiring methods don’t align with the needs of individuals and businesses. We believe today’s hiring process overlooks the human behind the resume, resulting in a detrimental disconnect between business and leader. Applicants have become data points and pieces of paper. Companies can look beyond work experience in choosing a leader. Y Scouts is motivated not by paychecks or resumes, but by finding the right person for the right role, maximizing the impact for both.

SaaS and Product Innovation

SaaS & Product Innovation

Non-Profit and Social Impact

Health & Wellness

Consumer Goods

Social Impact

High-Growth Leadership

High-Growth Leadership

Our Approach

Fanatical Preparation + Radical Alignment

We know that as many as 63% of employees worldwide are not engaged, with 24% of those actively working against the companies they are part of. The team is the lifeblood of the business. Without the business, the team wouldn’t exist. Both parties can work in concert, and together they can outlast, out-innovate, and out-shine competitors. When both the business’ purpose and the energy of the team align, the true impact is achievable.

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Organizational DNA Assessment

Defining the right fit is more than just a resume (job profile). We dig deep to understand your cultural DNA — to ensure your future leader not only delivers success in the role, but aligns to your purpose and values — and strengthens your culture.

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Role Visioning Exercise

A multi-stakeholder approach to arriving at the right set of success outcomes.

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Opportunity Profile

It’s more important than ever to share your company’s story, and draw leaders into WHY they should explore your opportunity. Our opportunity profile is as much a marketing experience, as it is a description of the role and the expected impact the right leader will deliver. It includes the ideal candidate profile. We do not share the requisite experiences/background the ideal candidate should bring to the table outside of our fanatical preparation. Why give the ‘answers to the test’ away?

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Search Strategy & Timeline

Guides our covert approach into the right channels where the right leader currently exists.

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Interview Guide

Every successful leadership hire requires a well-architected interview plan.

Search Update

You will always know where we are in the process – transparency is critical to success.

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Finalist Presentation

Every Finalist we deliver has met our radical alignment process and will be worth the investment of your time.

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Impact Statements

Becoming the Director of Customer Success at Remarkable Health is my dream job! I am passionate about excellence in customer service so being the one who helps to shape and drive that expectation makes me excited to go into work every day. In addition to being in a role I love, I am in an industry I care deeply about and a part of a family who shares the same love for what we do. I am also encouraged to be present for my family creating the best work/life balance I have ever experienced in my career. I am forever grateful to Y Scouts for reaching out to me and inviting me to interview for this position!

My purpose in life is to flourish as a human being and help others do the same. I believe that education is our last silver bullet and learning is the key to human flourishing. Putting my knowledge and experience in strategy and innovation to work for American College of Education is a dream come true. ACE’s focus on serving those who serve others is inspiring, and together we will bring more value to adult learners all over the world.

I am so thrilled now to contribute toward an important cause/movement/new frontier that can fully benefit from my passion, skills, and leadership. Nothing is more satisfying than doing well while doing good. Thank you, Y Scouts, for your eagle’s eyes, your values, and your professionalism.

Michael Wang, President, The Pharm

Hire Your Next Leader

We don’t do placements. We align leaders and work. Placement is a cold top-down approach, focusing on resumes and filling empty seats. By hiring on purpose, we take the broken vertical model and flip it on its side, creating horizontal alignment between leader and company. We bridge the gap between business’ purpose and a leader’s passions and strengths. It is purposeful and methodical and driven by empathy. It’s why we exist.

Hiring on Purpose Resources

Since partnering with Y Scouts, we’re hiring leaders aligned to our brand like never before. It has been a total game changer for our business to shift from hiring team members based on their skillset to a values-based model. Our entire team is engaged and excited because the model has proven to be consistent, scalable and most all, successful.

Beth Blume, President, Up&Up