Health & Wellness

The World Health Organization defines health as “not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, but a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.” Our Health & Wellness practice has proven success in identifying, engaging and activating leaders with organizations who have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of those which they serve. While the businesses and positions may vary within this practice area, they are all linked through empathy and the intrinsic driver to improve the lives of their clients, customers or patients. We have proven success in cannabis, health and beauty, and DTC retail, as well as behavioral health, therapy clinics, and fitness.

Executive Search

The Y Scouts Executive Search process is our unique strategy of bringing the very best executives in the market and aligning them with the purpose-driven clients we serve. In today’s market, great leaders are doing just that; leading powerfully in their current organization. To leave the work they are doing, something other than dangling a better comp package or more paid time off must get their attention. It’s our mission to excite and invigorate these leaders about the opportunities we present for our clients.

Our Covert Discovery Process is how we create meaningful relationships with candidates to fully understand who they are and what they’re looking to accomplish through their career prior to ever introducing the role. Once we confirm their alignment with our client’s Organizational DNA, we take them through a rigorous process that continues to measure their cultural alignment and test the proof points of their experience to ensure that the candidate can deliver on the specific Success Outcomes for the role. This proven process creates long-standing partnerships with our clients as we consistently bring talented, impactful leaders to their Executive Teams.

Leadership Search

At Y Scouts we understand how critical front line leaders are in any organization. Directors and Managers are the guardians of the culture, they’re strategic executors that drive the results the company needs to grow. We believe that these front line leaders have the biggest impact on the day to day operations of any business so getting that hire wrong is simply not an option.

Our unique search process focuses on the individual behind the resume, knowing that there’s much more to an individual than only what you see on their LinkedIn profile or CV. Once we understand each candidate through our Covert Discovery Process, we then gather the proof points in their experience and measure them against our Success Outcomes for the role, ensuring a high probability for success.