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15 Outstanding Questions Leaders Ask Themselves Every Day

8031132576_1aaf974135_mOne trait successful business leaders have is asking themselves important questions each day. By asking themselves the questions below, leaders are able to stay relevant and grow as an individuals.

What questions should leaders ask themselves each day? We polled the Y Scouts Leadership Community and selected the 15 questions below.

What can I hand over?
Leaders sometimes try to take on too much. By asking the question, “What can I hand over,” a leader can identify the responsibilities they can afford to let go of and transfer to other members of their team. This allows progress to happen much more quickly.

What did I NOT do?
A great leader knows that there isn’t time to do it all. By asking the question, “What did I NOT do,” a leader can be conscious and deliberate about the things that take time and don’t add value.

What do I want to accomplish today?
With so many things that happen each day, it’s easy to get distracted. By asking yourself what you want to get accomplished, leaders can keep their focus and finish the things that are important.

Are my values evident in my leadership?
Great business leaders have a strong set of personal core values, but not every leader leads with these values in mind. Taking the time to ask this simple question will force you to evaluate whether you practice what you believe.

Am I doing my best work?
This simple question will cause a leader to evaluate whether they’re at their best, or if they’re operating at a less than optimum level. The natural follow up question, if the answer is “no,” is “why not?”

What can I learn from this?
Leaders fail. It’s a fact of life. Some leaders learn from their mistakes by going to directly to the source and discussing what went wrong. Take the time to talk with your team and learn from your experiences.

Who succeeded today?
The success of others ultimately makes your business successful. Good leaders take the time to focus on the success of their team to make sure they’re providing them with opportunities to succeed each day.

Why did I get out of bed today?
Not to be confused with the question, “Why am I now in bed right now,” this question focuses on one thing: purpose. Asking the question of what drove you to jump out of bed helps identify what motivates you, and what your purpose for working may be. By keeping this motivation in mind, leaders are able to focus their energy in the right places.

What are my sticking points?
Leaders have to get through the bottlenecks and every day problems of their business. By identifying the stumbling blocks of the business, a leader can focus on creating a workable strategy for getting through the issues.

What will I do today that will matter in the future?
At the top of every leaders to-do list should be one bigger picture task that will matter in the long run. Just having this big picture item on the list will help leaders focus on today to create change for the future.

Am I enjoying this?
A leaders enthusiasm is contagious and trickles down throughout the organization. If a leader isn’t enjoying what they do, then this lack of enjoyment will effect the entire team. Taking a minute to ask if the enjoyment is there will help leaders identify what they enjoy most, and refocus their attitude towards work.

Did I work toward my goals?
Purpose-driven leaders rarely lose sight of their goals. Every leader should do an evaluation by asking themselves every day if they’ve worked toward their goals.

13. What did I achieve?
Keeping track of your daily achievements is a wonderful motivator. Strive to achieve at least one task that gets you closer to your personal goals.

How did I treat people today?
Every one from the lunch waitress to the VP of Operations takes notice of how they’re treated by a leader. In fact, people often don’t remember much else about you other than how they’re treated. Asking this simple question will help remind you to treat people well.

Did I set the example?
No matter how large your organization, leaders can always lead by example. What kind of example did you set today?

What questions do you ask yourself each day as a leader? Drop us a line in the contact section below.

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